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8.14.14 Bee-otch of the Day: #RushLimbaugh

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Name: Rush Limbaugh
Age: 63
Occupation: morbidly obese talk show host
Last Seen: West Palm Beach, FL
Bee-otched For: making an ass of himself regarding Robin Williams' death 

With the world still shocked and saddened over the passing of comedic legend Robin Williams, leave it to the lifeless assholes to blast him over the fact that he committed suicide.

And the biggest one is none other than the Big Fat Idiot himself, Rush Limbaugh.

On Tuesday's episode of his fading-in-popularity radio show, El Rushbo pulled another fist-full of bullshit out of his ass and told his listeners that Williams died because he believed in a liberal philosophy. He believes that liberals believe in a society where low expectations are normal and feel comfortable being unhappy. However, on Wednesday's show, Limbo Limpnoodle backtracked his comments, claiming that the "liberal media" screwed things up and took his comments out of context.

This coming from a fat loser whose life was nothing like Williams'.

Yes, Fat Boy is nothing like Robin Williams since unlike Robin, he doesn't know what it's like to be middle class. True, Robin had big houses, a wife and three kids, but he did so by making movies those on both the right and left could enjoy. Rush, on the other hand is a junkie who lost his hearing because of his addiction to OxyContin. True, Robin dealt with drug issues in the past, but he was up front with it while Rush lied to his fans and played hypocrite for saying that junkies should go to jail while he stayed in a country club for his "rehab".

I was listening to Southpaws on WPRR-95.3 today here in Grand Rapids and one of the hosts brought up a good point: it's tough to be a liberal. And guess what? He's right. I am a liberal because I deserve a lot more than what I'm working for. I've worked for the same company for 12 years and I made the same wage for 10 years because I got stuck with a dickhead boss. Thankfully, he retired and new management has since given me a huge raise. I've been looked down on and teased because of where I lived and what I did. But, it wasn't my fault. We got stuck with a president whose idea of creating jobs was to send troops off to fight his three fake wars while the working class got stuck with the bill. Meanwhile, Rush gets to sit in his massive mansion in Florida with his young, gold digger wife and kiss the asses of the wealthy and powerful.

But the good news is that Rush's show's ratings keep slipping and I think they'll slip even more after the comments he made over Robin Williams. Robin was wealthy, too, but he did a lot for the homeless, the sick and even our troops. And that is something you can't say about El Blimpo.

Robin Williams was depressed not because he was a liberal, but it was because of the price of fame. Three of his closest friends - John Belushi, Andy Kaufman and Christopher Reeve - all died young and it left a void in his life. His recent TV show, The Crazy Ones was canceled and he was forced to sell one of his homes because he could no longer afford it. Plus, he owed $30 million to his two exes.

And from the sounds of things, there was nothing liberal about why Robin wanted to hang himself.

You know, maybe the world will be a better place if Rush hanged himself instead. The world would be a lot smarter and AM talk radio would be more equal as well. However, suicide is not an option for Rush since the rope or belt would snap due to his excessive weight.

Rush Limbaugh: proof that hell is right here on Earth.


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