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8.26.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Burger King

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Name: Burger King
Age: 60
Occupation: fast food giant
Last Seen: Miami, FL (for now)
Bee-otched For: pulling a Walgreens

Will Burger King be soon known as Poutine King?

Well, it looks like it. The fast food behemoth announced yesterday that it's merging with Canada's Tim Horton's to become the third-largest food food chain on the planet, behind McDonald's and Wendy's, who ironically once owned Tim Horton's, but spun it off in 2006.

One reason for BK wanting to merge with Timmie's: so they could move their headquarters to Canada, which would save them billions in paying US taxes.

Many companies are taking advantage of this tax burden; recently, Walgreens announced plans to move to Switzerland after they purchased European drugstore giant Boots, which is based in that country. However, critics of the move criticized Walgreens for also taking advantage of saving big-time tax dollars, $4 billion total. Walgreens since rejected the move to Switzerland and the executive who proposed the move has since left the company.

But in the world of fast food, where burger flippers are paid minimum wage, this move by Burger King is a huge slap in the face. Plus, it's less money that supports America and the programs that help BK's workers since after all, can you even raise YOURSELF on $8 per hour? I think not.

This is why I RARELY eat at the big major fast food places anymore. They treat their employees like shit, so the customer gets shitty service. Been there, done that. As for TimHo, they're not bad, although the last time I was there, it took me 10 minutes just for one of their workers to whip me up a sausage sandwich. Plus, their hash brown has to be smaller than a White Castle hamburger.

So, there you have it. Burger King sucks. They've been based in Miami since day one and their move to Canada is maybe much worse than LeBron James' move back to Cleveland. How much more punishment can Miami - and in this case, America - take?

Time for Obama to put the smack down on these companies choosing profits over country. I think companies that do such a thing need to be boycotted. This is why We the People need to get our asses to the polls this November and vote these Repuke punkasses out. They're the ones trying to dodge paying their taxes so they hide their money overseas. Also, I think it'll be a good thing for people to realize that their local burger shop just might make a better burger than Mickey D's or The King.

Because after all, who does want cheese curds and gravy over their French Fries?

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