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8.19.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Darren Wilson

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Name: Darren Wilson
Age: 28
Occupation: policeman
Last Seen: Ferguson, MO
Bee-otched For: being a bigot

I remembered when she became the director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano warned people that with a black president, racial tensions in this country would be rising.

And boy, is she right.

For many days, people in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, MO have been rioting and fighting against the police after an 18-year-old black male, Michael Brown was shot to death by a police officer after he had stolen cigars from a convenience store. The store's clerk called the cops, who spotted Brown and shot him six times. Brown was unarmed and many have felt that his death could have been prevented.

The policeman who killed Brown is Darren Wilson, who had been with the PD for a few years. His record had been spotless, but since Brown's murder, many in the community have been calling for Wilson's firing from the police, plus for him to be charged for Brown's murder.

Now, the city of 21,000 is in turmoil with residents fighting police who had been shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at people who want to fight them. Gov. Jay Nixon and even President Obama have been very supportive of the city's residents and is promising resolutions that would benefit both.

But the damage is done.

For the longest time, blacks and police have been nothing but an oil and water mixture. Rappers such as NWA ("Fuck the Police") and Ice-T ("Cop Killer") have both written tunes criticizing the police for their continued brutality against African Americans. But let's remember something: Michael Brown was a thug, plain and simple. He stole cigars from a gas station and shoved the store's foreigner clerk to the ground as he exited the store. He was a thief. But, was it right for Wilson to shoot and kill Brown, who was unarmed? HELL NO! If he was out of control, he should have used tear gas or something legal that would have knocked his ass to the ground. Killing a black man over stolen cigars is stupid and it didn't just make him look bad, but it made the whole Ferguson Police Department look bad, too.

I think Darren Wilson should be stripped of his badge and thrown into jail. The cops in Ferguson also need to be retrained and taught that unless the perp is armed and their life is in danger that they need to hold their fire. Yes, Michael Brown was an arrogant punk who wore Beats by Dr. Dre headphones (and why anybody would want to spend $150 on those when the sound quality is quite poor) and pushed small people down, killing him just wasn't a cool decision.

Now, can't we all just get along?

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