Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8.6.14 Hero of the Day: Walgreens

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Name: Walgreens
Age: 113
Occupation: pharmacy chaiun
Last Seen: Deerfield, IL
Awarded For: staying put

Looks like Walgreens will be staying on the Corner of Happy and Healthy, after all.

The fabled drugstore chain will NOT be moving to Switzerland as reported for weeks. The company had been planning to move to save themselves billions in taxes per a loophole in the US tax code. Part of the reason for Walgreens' proposed move is due to them wanting to buy the 55% of Alliance Boots they do not own. Currently, Walgreens owns about a 1/3 of the Swiss company that owns the English Boots Druggists chain.

Even President Obama attacked companies that want to move overseas, calling it "wrong". Some 47 companies this past year moved overseas to take advantage of tax havens.

Even more, the asshole who proposed moving Wag's to Switzerland is gone. Wade Miquelon was the company CFO, and now he's been replaced.

For the past few weeks, I've been personally banning Walgreens because of the move. I usually go there to get deodorant, shampoo and other things you can't get at the place where I usually shop, Aldi. OK, so they're German, but the pay there from what I've heard is pretty good.

But still, if one ever opened up here in Grand Rapids, I'd be going to Butt Drugs. Free parking in the rear!

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