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8.18.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Cumulus

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Name: Cumulus
Age: 17
Occupation: media giant
Last Seen: Atlanta, GA
Bee-otched For: making an even bigger turd

92.5 The Outlaw, we hardly knew ye.

Last weekend here in west Michigan, the country-rock hybrid out of Muskegon flipped to a similar, yet different format. Its new name: Nash Icons!

Yep, Cumulus has decided that its unproven country format known as Nash (and what a stupid name for a radio station) needed a spinoff, so Nash Icons was born. Already, two Cumulus stations carry the format; the other is the HD-2 signal of WDRQ 93.1 Detroit, another Nash station.

Meanwhile, the Nash format is still a ratings abortion in New York where 94.7 has yet to break a two share in the ratings. Yet, the biggest radio market in America STILL lacks any type of new rock station, hard or alternative.

It was also announced last weekend that Disney/ABC is abandoning the Radio Disney format on 22 of their stations and moving the all-kids station to digital media - ie satellite radio and the internet - only. Most of Radio Disney's stations have no ratings, thus creating no revenue for the Mouse. Most RD stations are AM signals, making them unattractive to the pre-teen audience it's designed to attract.

Some critics are even pointing out that Cumulus should purchase the RD stations and flip them to Nash Classics. Sounds like an OK idea, but is Cumulus that stupid?

Honestly, I think Cumulus is milking the Nash format too much. Like I said, it's tanking in New York, but it might work in smaller towns. However, here in Grand Rapids, most country fans love B93 and probably wouldn't flip to a format that's loaded with satellite-fed personalities. Besides, B93 has live and local personalities at least some of the time.

Oh, well, at least I listen to internet radio most of the time now.

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