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4.15.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Cumulus

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Name: Cumulus Media
Age: 18
Occupation: radio giant
Last Seen: Atlanta, GA
Bee-otched For: making me wonder why they're hellbent on the Nash brand
Ever since the 94.7 frequency in New York (technically Newark) flipped from religious "Family Radio" two years ago, that station has gone straight to hell.

In the years since Cumulus launched Nash FM in the Big Apple, ratings for the godforsaken country station have never been over a 2 share. As a matter of fact, in the latest Nielsen ratings, the station is at a pathetic 1.5.

Even more laughable, their Nash affiliate in Detroit at 93.1 (the old WDRQ/Doug FM), is at a 1.7, tying fading alternative stalwart 89X as Detroit's lowest-rated commercial FM music station, tied for 18th place.

IIRC, I've been hearing that at times, the Nash stations have been dunking in some CHR content to spike things up. The question is: why? Why polish a turd that way? Is Cumulus THAT desperate to save a brand that's been a disaster since day one? In most markets where Nash is present, they're in second place to the other big country station in town, like Detroit's 99.5 WYCD. Hell, there's a good reason why despite being the only country station in town, Nash is tanking: it's because New York just isn't a country town, period. They love rock, but thanks to corporate radio running the show in NYC, it might take an eternity until the city that never sleeps will get another one. The last new rock station New York had, 101.9 WRXP did a helluva lot better in the ratings than what Nash is doing now. Of course, 101.9 is now simulcasting sports WFAN 660.

You know, I wonder how Cumulus is doing financially. A station that's at a 1.5 in the ratings can't be making much money. Even worse, Cumulus spent $40 million on WNSH and it's probably not making much back on that investment. Cumulus should have toured the streets and asked what people wanted, not just assume that everybody in New York City is a hick.

What works in Nashville just won't work in New York City.


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