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4.6.15 Bee-otches of the Day: Memories Pizza

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Name: Memories Pizza
Age: 9
Occupation: pizzeria
Last Seen: Walkerton, IN
Bee-otched For: making Jesus cry
Yesterday marked the day when Jesus escaped the tomb and ascended up to Heaven.

But when he comes back to Earth, I hope he has a little chat with the owners of Memories Pizza.

Since Indiana governor Mike Pence signed the anti-gay Religious Freedom bill a few weeks ago, many are now boycotting the state and some businesses are now thinking about leaving the it as well. Even worse, the hate is now coming out of the woodwork.

Last week, Memories Pizza in the South Bend suburb of Walkerton made headlines when Crystal O'Connor, who co-owns the pizza joint with her father Kevin announced that they would never cater to a gay wedding. Memories' interior is similar to a church, with flowers, crosses and Bible verses everywhere and even a piano.

Shortly after that fat cunt and her asshole father made their idiotic comments, the fireworks began. They got knocked down to a dismal two stars on Yelp and somebody even started up a fake website complete with penis-shaped pizzas and even a video of men making out with each other.

A few days later, Memories closed its doors. Many felt that it was a victory for gay rights, but the celebration was short-lived.

A GoFundMe site was created by a black man named Lawrence Billy Jones, a contributor to Dana Loesch's Glenn Beck's TheBlazeTV show. He believed that the O'Connor's religious liberties were being attacked, so he created the site. Word got out, and now, the father and daughter are now $842,592 richer.

Over 29,000 people contributed to the O'Connors, who usually make only $500,000 per year at their downtown Walkerton pizzeria. There's no word on if Memories plans to re-open, but chances are that the O'Connors could simply take the money and run.

According to Google, Walkerton - pop. 2,200 - only has one other pizza place, a biker bar called Club 23. Its fast food places include a McDonald's that's attached to a gas station, a Dairy Queen and a Subway.

You know, it's sickening when the right thinks it's a great idea to help those who believe that being gay is a choice when it isn't. The Bible doesn't explicitly talk about it outside of the Old Testament. To me, it's also like helping a businessman who closes his store because he "doesn't want to serve the coloreds". Personally, I'd rather buy my pizza from a place where there's bikers everywhere and 1970's butt rock blaring from the jukebox over a weird-ass place where the owners are homophobes. I wonder if any of that $842,592 will help a homeless person or somebody with cancer.

Instead, the O'Connors will probably try to prove that camels can go through needles. That, and maybe they can start their own gay lovefest with "Papa John" Schnatter.


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