Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4.28.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Comcast

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Name: Comcast
Age: 52
Occupation: media giant from hell
Last Seen: Philadelphia
Bee-otched For: failing at getting bigger
It looks like things won't be getting more Comcastic after all.

The cable giant, which owns everything from NBC to Universal Pictures to USA Network and The Jerry Springer Show just announced that they have terminated the agreement to buy out Time Warner Cable. The deal was reportedly worth $45 billion. If the deal passed, Comcast would have added an additional 11 million subscribers.

When the deal was announced, many were indeed outraged due in part to Comcast's low satisfaction ratings and high rates. Comcast was even criticized for being against net neutrality and even had a lot of people and groups fighting against the merger, such as Minnesota Senator Al Franken, Michigan Congressman John Conyers and even a few cities.

Since the deal was terminated, TWC CEO Rob Marcus was set to get an $80 severance package since his position would be no longer needed. Now, he's stuck at his job and not getting that money. Same goes with CFO Arthur Minson; he was supposed to get $27 million, though.

Meanwhile, Franken wrote a piece for Time Magazine where he tells his readers that we the people and not politicians caused the Comcast-TWC deal to collapse. People held grassroots movements and told our leaders to do their jobs. However, he stated that we need to worry about corporations breaking their promises and the lack of competition.

Where I live, there's only two choices for cable: my apartment's own cable system which only have a tiny handful of channels and Dish Network, which the apartment offers. I had Dish several years ago, but hated paying $90 per month and not having all of the channels I wanted to watch. Since my finances took a hit five years ago thanks to the lack of financial support from my asshole ex-boss and an auto accident, I had no choice but to cut the cord. But guess what? It was for the best. I no longer financially support assholes like Rupert Murdoch or the dipshits in charge at Comcast. I have Chromecast and several websites where I can watch my favorite shows from (and no, I won't share them with you).

Sometimes, it's not politicians that stop bullies, it's us.


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