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4.27.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Brian Klawiter

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Name: Brian Klawiter
Age: 35
Occupation: homophobic auto mechanic
Last Seen: Grandville, MI
Bee-otched For: getting his sorry ass handed to him
To the five people wondering where I was last week, I was on vacation.

While Grand Rapids was suffering through a massive cold burst, I was in sunny Phoenix enjoying 90-degree temps by the pool. But now, I'm back, and GR is still *kinda* cold.

I think it's all coming from DieselTec.

Two weeks ago, the Grandville-based auto shop caused a stir on Facebook when owner Brian Klawiter posted a message stating that his business will not serve gays because of his Christian values. Since his posting, Brian has been thankfully been in a world of much-needed ass hurt.

It's been revealed that Klawiter has had some demons in his closet (and homosexuality may/may not be one of them). In 1998, he was charged with assault and battery, his business isn't even licensed and he hasn't been a licensed mechanic since October 2014, which is illegal in Michigan. In the past week, his business has been vandalized with graffiti that reads "I (heart) nuts!" and his trucks are all littered with male and female symbols. Windows have been smashed and he has received death threats. One of his suppliers, Cummins, supposedly asked him to remove their logo from his website and Facebook page.

Yesterday, Klawiter released another statement on Facebook claiming that his parents abandoned him as a kid and was raised by the system. He was forced to drop out of high school and work in fast food. He basically made this bullshit sob story for people to forgive him and that Jesus is on his side, blah blah blah.

Look, I'm sorry that his childhood sucked worse than most folks, but that's no excuse to hate gays and ban them from his business. He might as well put up a sign that reads "whites only". If he kept his damn mouth shut about his religious views, I probably would have had a pinch of respect for the guy. But I don't, and since I don't have a diesel vehicle, I could care less.

I wonder how long he'll be getting the gas can and matches....


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