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6.11.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Brian Klawiter

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Name: Brian Klawiter
Age: 35
Occupation: owner, Dieseltec
Last Seen: Jenison, MI
Bee-otched For: promoting his "Christian" beliefs

Tonight, the city of Jenison - a Grand Rapids suburb - will be divided.

As we reported a few months ago, Brian Klawiter, the owner of Dieseltec, which repairs diesel vehicles made headlines when he posted on Facebook that he would never fix a vehicle owned by a gay person. It's his response to the anti-gay legislature passed by the state of Indiana earlier last year. Since then, Klawiter and his shop have been the subject of death threats, vandalism and so much more. He again took to Facebook asking for forgiveness, especially since he claimed to be abandoned as a kid.

Now, he's pulling a Charlie Sheen by talking about his rhetoric at the Jenison Center for the Arts tonight at 6 p.m. Many in the community are infuriated that Klawiter would use a public venue to promote his hate speech. But, the JCA cannot stop the event since it's taxpayer supported and banning it would violate Klawiter's First Amendment rights.

The event, BTW is called "West Michigan God and Country". Oh, brother....

Meanwhile, there will be a peaceful protest outside the JCA during the event, organized by Jenison4love, headed by Juliea Page. "We just want to make sure there are people here that are not associated with that," she told WOOD-TV. "We wanted to send a clear message to this community that not everyone agrees with this man."

You know, it's amazing that for centuries, people have used the Bible to attack others they view as "un-Christian". They attack blacks because slavery was legal and civil rights were not. Now, gays are the Christian's bitch because of a verse that explains that God created man and woman to procreate. How about those who've never had children? Are they going to hell because they remained single forever?

This is why if I chose to go to a church today, it would be the United Church of Christ. They're liberal and pro-gay. Heck, even President Obama is a member of the UCC (and so is Howard Dean, rapper Common and baseball legend Jackie Robinson). If I could get my ass out of bed early Sunday, I might consider going. There's a UCC down the road from me!

Mr. Klawiter, you can drop your stones, now.

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