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6.8.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Rush Limbaugh

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Name: Rush Limbaugh
Age: 64
Occupation: slut-shaming, pill-popping asshole
Last Seen: West Palm Beach
Bee-otched For: being demoted in Indy

Well, El Rushbo won't be a total loss in Indianapolis.

As reported not long ago, the bloated pile of shit was being dumped from long-time affiliate WIBC 93.1 because owner Emmis could not come to terms with his syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks with a new contract. His final day on WIBC is scheduled to be July 4th.

It was speculated that "Freedom 95" would carry the show since they're the only other talk station in central Indiana. But, Premiere's owner, iHeartMedia (aka Clear Channel) has another plan.

Last week, the radio giant announced that they would be putting Rush on middays on what they called in their press release "97.5". However, 97.5 is actually a translator station for 1260 WNDE, the company's underperforming sports-talk outlet in Indy. In the latest Nielsen ratings, WNDE is the third-lowest-rated radio outlet in Indy with a .6 share. The only thing not embarrassing for WNDE is that they're not Indy's lowest-rated sports talker; that honor goes to 1430 WXNT.

In recent years, Rush has been moved around a lot because of the fact that he's no longer an easy sell to advertisers thanks to his Sandra Fluke rant. He moved from WABC in New York to WOR and has no ratings, he went from 50,000-watt KFI to spotty signaled KEIB and lost his listeners in Los Angeles and his Chicago outlet, WLS is struggling. The real reason for iHM moving Rush to WNDE is so they could prove to advertisers that Rush still has numbers, even though his demographic is undesirable to most ad buyers. If WNDE goes over a 1 share because of Rush, it will be a shock.

With Rush being added to WNDE's schedule, there still might be hope that he'll be added to a new station in Boston because of WRKO's recent announcement that they're dropping the show for similar reasons. He was also on iHM-owned 1200 AM for several years but went back to WRKO because of poor ratings.

Oh, did you hear his comments about Caitlyn Jenner last week? Well played, Rush, well played.

With his contract up for renewal next year, COULD iHM AFFORD Rush? After all, his current contract has him at $50 million per year and iHM is also $20 BILLION in debt. I think it's time to make the realization that the angry white Republican males who have dominated talk radio for years are no longer a viable business model. Hell, local stations make more profit with local talk shows in the afternoon vs. having Fat Rush stinking up profits with his disgusting banter.

You know, I'd love to see more stations in markets that don't have iHM-owned stations dump Rush. I'd love to see that pile of shit offered to their competitors and it would be fun to see if they'd take the bait. I doubt it, though. Look at Sault Ste. Marie here in Michigan: Rush was canned on WKNW when they flipped to ESPN and nobody sure as hell wanted to take his show! Manistee is another area that I don't think has access to the Blimp's show.

Rush might as well go ahead and retire. Maybe he can use his retirement money on the usual: hookers and Oxy.

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