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6.3.15 Bee-otch of the Day: WRCB-TV

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Age: 59
Occupation: NBC affiliate
Last Seen: Chattanooga, TN
Bee-otched For: chasing away the gay

There's an old song from a long, long time ago called "Chattanoogie Shoeshine Boy". Well, if the GM of WRCB-TV Chattanooga had his way, he'd probably take some shoeshine to clean off gay people.

The NBC affiliate announced earlier this week that it will not air a 30-second ad from Freedom to Marry, an organization promoting same-sex marriage in Tennessee. According to Tom Tolar, the station's GM, he claims that it was station policy to 'remain neutral' on the issue. The market's ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates will air the commercial, as is other NBC stations in the Volunteer State.

The commercial chronicles Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, a Republican who was also a Navy vet and is gay. In the ad, he claims that he spent his military life fighting for this country and helping others as a physician. He - and other gays in Tennessee - are fighting to legalize gay marriage. He had a partner, Judd that he wants to marry, but cannot do so because the state has no gay marriage law.

Usually when a TV station bans something, all it does is make themselves look bad and the product they're banning look more attractive. Remember NYPD Blue? Some stations - such as Grand Rapids' WZZM - banned the show because of its use of butts (thankfully we also have WOTV-41 to lean on). One of the tasteless bannings I can recall was when my old local CBS affiliate in northern Michigan, WWTV 9&10 decided to not air a 9/11 documentary that aired on the network in 2006. Their claim was that it contained too much profanity and feared that their broadcast licenses would be revoked. However, it was an election year and with no spots for commercials, they used the increased FCC fines as an excuse to air the 1986 Robin Williams film "The Best of Times" instead. With scAmway's Dick DeVos spending millions on his failed run for governor, rumor had it that 9&10 simply wanted to make more money over showing people what really went on the worst day in American history.

And yes, this is the TV station whose de facto sister station, WFQX Fox 32 airs The 700 Club daily.

The irony of all this is that WRCB also airs (surprise) The Ellen DeGeneres Show. You know, if I was her, I would use her show to tell WRCB that plain and simple, there's nothing wrong with gay marriage. Personally, I'm no fan of hers, but I appreciate her bravery in making gay marriage legal in several states.

I understand that Tennessee is a very conservative state, but remember, the south fought to keep slavery, they fought to band civil rights and now they're trying to stop gays from marrying. They all claim that it's in the Bible, even though it's not. If it is to them, thanks, but I would rather go to hell or live forever.

Remember, when you suppress, shit gets stronger.

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