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6.4.15 Bee-otches of the Day: stupid people

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I may be no longer related to her, but my ex-stepsister made some pretty good points on Facebook on Tuesday.

In response to Bruce Jenner's stunning 66-year transition to the woman now known as Caitlyn, she wrote this:

"This world is all kinds of messed up. But I find it pretty sad that my Facebook is filled with posts stating that they are disgusted by Caitlyn Jenner becoming what he has felt he is- he is now a woman.

Of all the things your children are exposed to, you're worried about your kid seeing a person who has felt outcasted, depressed, lonely, and multiple other things FINALLY feel normal? There are worse things in life.

Growing up in Hicktown USA blinded me. (Chuck's note: she grew up in Kalkaska and South Boardman.) I didn't know any African Americans, I'd never met a Mexican, and I had zero exposure to gay people or transsexuals.

Then I moved to Phoenix. Let me tell you something: my first friend was a gay black man named Mario. He was the first person to take me out dancing, shopping, and even to just hang out. Because I was the FAT WHITE GIRL. No straight people wanted to hang out with me.

My next set of friends were lesbians I met at Hot Topic, and eventually a girl I met at Starbucks by the name of Michelle. She is now Sebastian and he is one of the NICEST, SWEETEST PEOPLE I've ever met in my whole entire fucking life.

Maybe you should focus on what the person is on the inside instead of the outside. Perhaps your children will learn that having a good heart precedes what your gender or sexuality is."

You know, she brought up many points. I too, grew up in northern Michigan. However, I knew some Mexicans because they were migrants in the cherry orchards. One became my boss at a popular Mexican restaurant he owned when I was a teen. In my school years, I only was exposed to one black kid, who attended mainly because his white mother was forced to move around so much. My family, however knew some mid-Easterners that lived not far from us. I also had another boss up north who was Chaldean.

My ex-stepsis' message reminded me years ago when I was in line to deposit cans at the Village Market between Alden and Rapid City. I stood behind some idiot rednecks with their NASCAR caps, beards and flannel shirts, bending over with their asscracks hanging out to grab the hundreds of emptied PBR cans they were chucking into the can crusher, which sat outside the main entrance. One uttered to another, "don't you like 'em n*ggers?" I was so pissed that I went inside and asked if I could deposit them the old-fashioned way, by telling them I had X amount of cans and they would hand me the receipt. No can do. So, after ~15 minutes of these two assholes loading up the can crusher, I was finally allowed to do the same. Too bad the crusher reeked of stale beer drank by redneck racists.

A few weeks ago, the Northern Express - Traverse City's indie paper - did a story on the lack of blacks up north. One thing I didn't see in the article was the fact that many who live up north simply live there probably because they got tired of all the blacks in Detroit. But like my stepsis said, one of her best friends she had when she lived in Phoenix was a black gay man. I've lived in Grand Rapids for 13 years (as of today, I might add), and yes, I've come across some blacks whom I hope to never see again. Assholes like the dickhead I met at Mulligan's Bar who took me to his house and started to jerk off in front of me or every crackhead I've come across at the Meijer at 28th and Kalamazoo who tried to lie to me about being broke or every dolt who thinks it's OK to cross the street no matter which part of the street it is.

Oh, and let's not forget that I've come across other assholes, too, like the Vietnamese asshole neighbor of mine who sat on his ass all day drinking beer while I worked. I would come home and he'd be begging me to go to the party store to get him more beer and cigarettes. I'd go to his shitty, dirty apartment and would spend hours off his drunk ass talking about how Obama was destroying the country.

But guess what? There's white assholes here in GR, too, like the dick who tried to get me to sell Amway and oh, yes, my ex-boss, whom I worked for 10 1/2 years and didn't allow me to make a livable wage.

But in the world of assholes, especially here in west Michigan, I know of one person who has been nice to me the whole time, and she's from Ethiopia. I can't understand her 90% of the time, but she's always had a positive attitude and has always been fond of me.

You see, stupidity doesn't know race or religion or sexuality. True, Caitlyn Jenner was part of the most-annoying families in America by marriage, but I applaud her for allowing herself to be the person she's wanted to be for years. It reminds me of an old episode of Sally Jessy Raphael I saw as a kid that dealt with a woman transitioning as a man. He was being teased for doing so, so Sally made this remark: "he's neither a man nor a woman, he's a human being."

Sadly, I do see a lot of people as assholes. That's who they are. It might also explain why I have trouble getting dates and have few friends outside of the internet. But, that's the Hollander attitude that I talked about on Monday. No matter where you live, there will be assholes. Northern Michigan has the rednecks, West Michigan has the Reformist Dutch and so on. IMO, don't talk about it until you experience it.

But if you can see the positive in people, well, God bless you.

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