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6.15.15 Bee-otch of the Day: WOOD-TV

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Age: 66
Occupation: NBC affiliate
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: kissing the wealthy's ass
Brett Thomas must be proud to be leaving WOOD-TV 8 after 17 years.

He's heading to Fort Wayne CBS affiliate WANE-TV 15 to anchor the station's evening newscasts (both WANE AND WOOD-TV are co-owned by Media General). He no longer has to wake up early to sit through working for two-and-a-half straight hours with two cackling yentas (Emily Linnert and Terri the Whor-er, DeBoer), plus several hours more doing Today Show cut-ins.

But on Thursday, he had to brave through the dark because WOOD-TV's Daybreak took place at the Frederik Meijer Gardens to help introduce their new Japanese Garden.

Excuse me, the (ahem) Richard and Helen DeVos Japanese Garden.

Yep! Last Thursday's Daybreak was brought to you by the cool and groovy folks at Amway! The company that pretends that they own West Michigan and the peoples' souls. It sickens me knowing that a company that labels themselves "Christian" and yet they do everything from outsource jobs to China to lie about Proctor and Gamble's "Satanic" logo to being instrumental regarding Michigan's Right to Work laws will force the West Michigan media to kiss their white Dutch asses. I was so pissed that I was thisclose to changing the channel. Problem is, 1) WWMT-3 is owned by Sinclair, which kissed Bush's ass by barring all their ABC affiliates to not show the infamous Nightline episode that featured all of the soldiers that died in Iraq, 2) WXMI Fox 17 gets a lot of its content from (where else?) Fox News and 3) WZZM-13, well, sucks.

What's sad is that during his little anti-gay tirade last week, Brian Klawiter was nice enough to call the local Grand Rapids media too liberal. And yet, the only media company in GR that supports Democrats over Republicans is WZZM owner Gannett.

And yes, WZZM, like I said, sucks. Juliet Dragos scares me.

Let's not forget that Terri DeBoer and her wealthy husband hosted an expensive gala for the DeVoses in 2006 when Dick was running for governor.

You know, it breaks my heart knowing that I want to move to Detroit because most of my family's there and I'm tired of the DeVoses controlling shit here. At least the media in the Motor City is better; WDIV-4 would definitely be my go-to station since their owners (Graham Media) do mostly support Democrats (sadly, the rest of the major stations in town are another story). I'd rather hear about how the Ilitches are revitalizing Detroit vs. Dick DeVos making another bowel movement.

Once again, Grand Rapids has lost me.
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