Tuesday, December 1, 2015

12.1.15 Bee-otch of the Day: the Republican party

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Name: The Republican Party
Age: 161
Occupation: right-winged pricks
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: causing chaos in Colorado


For several families in Colorado Springs, CO, the holidays will be a sad one.

On Friday, three people were murdered and nine more were injured when they were shot at by Robert Lewis Dear, a 57-year-old wackjob who opened fire at a Planned Parenthood office. While being arrested, Dear was yelling "NO MORE BABY PARTS!" in reference to a poorly-edited video created by a right-wing group accusing the organization of selling baby parts, which PP does not do.

Dear will appear in court again December 9.

Among the murdered were two civilians and a police officer at the scene. That PP office was under attack by many on the right as are other chapters of the organization.

Since the video was released last summer, many politicians have been calling for PP's funding to be cut, such as now-fired Michigan state rep Cindy Gamrat. She thought she was fighting to protect children, but was in real life kissing her own children with lips encrusted with Todd Courser's semen. Many others on the right have been trying to defund PP all in the name of a false video.

Look: abortions are only a small fraction of PP's business. They help women with birth control, give people AIDS tests, give children sex ed and so on. When Texas banned sex ed in schools 20 years ago thanks to their idiot governor (hint, hint), lines at the PP were long.

We need to boost funding to PP, not take it away. It wouldn't surprise me if Robert Dear had mental problems. After all, he was a loner. But thanks to Reagan and his treatment of the mentally ill in the 1980s and our lax gun laws, well, we better watch out.

People need to know the truth and not learn it from the right's fabrications.

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