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12.16.15 Hero of the Day: Howard Stern

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Name: Howard Stern
Age: 61
Occupation: King of All Media
Last Seen: New York
Awarded For: renewing
When I started this very website 16 years ago, it was devoted to convincing northern Michigan radio and TV stations to bring Howard Stern up north.

Instead, I got, well, nothing. I got a letter from one radio station employee who told me that Traverse City-Petoskey just isn't the right market for Howard and that there's simply no ad dollars. Since then, I've moved to Grand Rapids and radio-wise, virtually all the radio station owners from 16 years ago - save for one who ran a whole bunch of stations into the ground whose name you can guess - are still there. There's even a local Howard Stern wannabe, Steve "Omelette" Normandin who has his own radio show on WKLT, a station that SHOULD have considered Stern when Bob and Tom were royally kicking their asses on The Bear. He has his own Wack Pack called "The Misfits" and does a wonderful job exploiting the homeless.

Thankfully on January 9th, 2006, Traverse City, Atlanta, Salt Lake City and other major Sternless cities were now Sternless no more. Howard moved his radio show to Sirius and life was good. Five years later, he re-signed but knocked his work schedule down to three days. Plus, some - like myself - started feeling that the show was starting to get a little more PC *COUGHMARCITURKCOUGH* I'll even admit, I dropped Sirius a few years ago because of the show's direction, plus the fact that I was broke off my ass. I got into some serious money problems in the early 2010s thanks to a car accident and ten years of no raises from a greedy, alcoholic Hollander boss. Plus, there were several websites devoted to streaming the show, albeit illegally.

For the past few weeks, many had wondered if Howard was going to retire or not. He's 61, wealthy and happily married to a woman nearly 20 years his junior. On Monday's show, he even admitted that "it's up to Don Buchwald", his agent to sort out the deets. Well, fear no more, since Howard is now going to stay with the Dogstar for the next five years.

He made it official on Tuesday's show that not only will he remain with the satcaster til he's 67, but he'll develop an app that would allow his fans to listen to 30 years' worth of material and even stream the video portion of the show online.

No word if that means that he'll only work Monday and Tuesday for an hour per day.

With this news, I *might* consider re-hooking with Sirius. Because there's not many souls out there who are willing to stream the show (and many of the YouTube feeds have the show pitched way too slow) and the fact that I'm doing *slightly* better financially thanks to my new boss, I might bring Sirius back around tax time. I'll probably just get the internet version since I want the On Demand features.

Congrats, Howard, and a Baba Booey to Y'all.
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