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11.14.16 Bee-otch of the Day: the electoral college

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Name: the Electoral College
Age: c. 130
Occupation: what decides our president
Last Seen: America
Bee-otched For: breaking apart our nation again


2000, how we missed ye.

The results are in and to be quite honest, Hillary Clinton SHOULD be President-Elect. After all, she had over 600,000 votes more than Donald Trump in the popular vote.

But thanks to an outdated system called the Electoral College, we're stuck with Trump.

For the second time in five presidential elections, the person with the least amount of votes is going to be the president of the United States of America. Many are now feeling the hate of Trump and his moronic rhetoric and the fact that many-a-white male is happy that they hope that he'll reverse eight years of that Kenyan Muslim's doings.

The point is, Hillary won the popular vote simply because she won heavily in a few states such as California, Connecticut, Illinois and Massachusetts. But Trump won in more states, which cemented his win. Basically put, the Electoral College is there to protect the minority in a sense; in this case, it's the angry white male. Trump won in more rural counties in America, 90% vs. Hillary's 6%.

All this reminds me of a small town in northern Michigan that I grew up near called Ellsworth, pop. around 400 or so. In the early 90s, Ellsworth had two supermarkets, a bank, a feed store/gas station and a hardware, just to name a few. By the Bush 43 years, the hardware closed, the bank closed, one of the grocers closed and the other supermarket - which basically became a convenience store - had trouble staying open. By 2008, Ellsworth was a near-ghost town. Then, Obama became president and virtually most of downtown became full again. True, nothing's perfect (the town doesn't even have a place to buy milk or bread anymore), but it's probably better than what it was a decade ago.

I was watching CBS Sunday Morning this week where they did a story on a small mining town in Virginia called Welch. They claim that government regulations killed the coal industry there. After all, the town had over 6,000 residents 70 years ago. Today, it only has 2,400. Not long ago, the area even lost its Walmart. Much of the county is now on welfare. Hey! Ever hear of "turbines" or "solar power"?

The point is, rural folks have proven how stupid they are. Hell, they probably think that fracking is the answer to getting more gas. But, look at the earthquakes in Oklahoma, a state that's loaded with it.

Many years ago, my now-ex-stepdad, a conservative told me that "the white man is a dying species". As a nation that was stolen by the white man who slaughtered the Native Americans and bought and sold Africans as slaves, maybe it's time to kill them off. Maybe it's time to go gay or have children with those of other races. There's no "white privilege" in America. Now that Trump's the winner, it explains why many whites are now harassing people of race and even flying the Confederate flag.

Folks, I once lived in rural northern Michigan. People there were the type that moved from Detroit to escape the realities of the big city, which includes being around the niggers. When I moved here in 2002, I pretty much lost contact with the people I used to know up north. Hell, I'm not friends with any of the people I went to school with on Facebook.

True, Grand Rapids heavily voted for Trump, the town does have its progressive side and its not-so-progressive side *coughDEVOScough*. Overall, I think the people here are a lot more free-thinking than those up north. Hell, when my cousin bailed out of having me at his place near Traverse City because of a family emergency, NOBODY offered to give me a place to stay for the Traverse City Film Festival. Hell, I have more places to stay in Detroit than up north.

True, it is understandable that this was a close election with a 600,000 vote difference. If the DNC didn't bully their superdelegates into voting for Hillary, Bernie Sanders could have been president-elect instead of Donald Trump and his moronic lunacy. Same with Al Gore in 2000 and the fact that he chose a faux Democrat, Joe Lieberman has his running mate. If Al had a different running mate and if the DNC didn't bully Bernie, 9/11 would have never happened, we wouldn't have three fake wars, the economy would have been strong in the 2000s and now, a Hispanic kid wouldn't have to go to school having to hear "BUILD THAT WALL!" repeatedly over and over on a daily basis.

Time to go into the future.


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