Tuesday, November 29, 2016

11.29.16 Bee-otch of the Day: The State of Michigan

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Name: The State of Michigan
Age: 179
Occupation: the Mitten State
Last Seen: surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes
Bee-otched For: giving Nestle our very best..... WAAAAATERRRRRR


Right now, the 100,000 citizens of Flint, MI are still without proper drinking water.

But yet, our state has given one of the biggest corporations in the world a huge deal on H2O. A deal that will not benefit us much at all.

Michigan's state water authority just signed a deal with Nestle so that the Swiss company best-known for chocolate can suck 100 million gallons of groundwater for just $200 per year. YEP! Not $200 million or thousand, just two one hundred dollar bills.

In the end, that will mean that Nestle will make BILLIONS off of OUR water while people in Flint are worried that their children will end up growing up disabled from lead-tainted water. Even worse, Nestle's pumping facility is only 120 miles from Flint.

Since Nestle's Michigan spokesperson is married to governor Rick Snyder's chief of staff, it explains why they're allowed to own so much in our state, especially when it comes to water sources. There's even proof that it's Nestle that told Snyder to move Flint's water source from Lake Huron over to the polluted Flint River. Parts of Lake Huron are now severely eroded thanks to Nestle's sucking of our water.

Folks, this is the company whose chairman, Peter Brabeck told the media a few years ago that water is not a human right. WHAT. AN. ASSHOLE. Michigan has a ton of great water sources and it's sad that for the price of 20 bottles of PureLife, they can get us closer to being thirsty.

Crunch, NesQuik, NesCafe coffee, Taster's Choice, Arrowhead Water, Gerber baby products, Perrier, Poland Spring, Carnation, Dreyer's, Haagen-Dazs, Stouffer's, Hot Pockets, Butterfinger, Purina Pet Foods and others are brands people should boycott. If you care about Michigan's water, the best we all can do is stop buying Nestle products.

Nestle oughta stick to chocolate and not ruin our Earth.


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