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11.3.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Entercom

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Name: Entercom
Age: 48
Occupation: media giant
Last Seen: Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
Bee-otched For: hiring a failure

This has got to be a bigger embarrassment since the Hornets first left town.

Radio giant Entercom announced Tuesday that they've hired the Grand Rapids radio legend known as Matt Hanlon to run their cluster in Charlotte, NC as their new Market Manager. The stations he will be running are legendary news talk giant WBT 1110/99.3, soccer mom pop 107.9 The Link and sports 610 The Fan.

As we all know, Hanlon was once the vice president and general manager of the now-defunct Citadel Broadcasting here in Grand Rapids. Under his aegis, he DESTROYED WKLQ, which was one of the best rock stations - maybe the best - in Michigan. He completely alienated their audience by demoting Howard Stern to puny-signaled WBBL (then at 1340, now occupied by WJRW while WBBL is now at 107.3) and either firing their jocks or making them quit. Most of his stations were ratings duds, with the noted exception of WLAV.

Thankfully, Hanlon was canned from Citadel when it merged with Cumulus. He went over to Townsquare to sell ads for a while but was canned from that job because of the picture above. He was busted for drunk driving a few years ago when he was t-boned by an Indian couple on the East Beltline and Kraft. The couple was injured and Hanlon did serve a little time behind bars.

He's been out of the radio game for a few years, helping his brother run his sports sculpture business and helping homeless people find jobs. But now, he's off to Charlotte, which is market 24 while Grand Rapids is 69.

The question is, why?

Look, Hanlon DAMN NEAR killed Citadel. I remembered when it was a penny stock! I'm glad that Cumulus did eliminate his position, especially since the schmuck is as useless as tits on a bull. This is the last thing Entercom needs since right now, they're trying to stop the FCC from revoking the license of CHR  KDND 107.9 Sacramento. In 2007, the station held a contest called "Hold Your Wee For a Wii" where contestants drink ungodly amounts of water and must not urinate. The winner of the contest won a Nintendo Wii. However, a 28-year-old mother, Jennifer Strange died of water intoxication. 

With their shenanigans in Sac-town and the hiring of Hanlon, I wonder if Entercom is the next Citadel. Their stock right now is $12.55. Wait and see!

In the meantime, there is a plus to all this: Hanlon's moving out of the Grand Rapids area. Good riddance! I hope the door doesn't hit his ass too hard.

As the Poet Laureate of the 1980s, Alison Moyet once sang, "move out, don't mess around, move out, you bring me down, move out, how you get about, don't make a sound just move out."


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