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11.17.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Bounce TV

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Name: Bounce
Age: 5
Occupation: digital TV network
Last Seen: Atlanta, GA
Bee-otched For: bouncing back in a bad way

A long, long time ago in England, there was a popular entertainer named Jimmy Savile.

He had a mighty presence on the BBC as a DJ and TV host of such shows as Top of the Pops and Jim'll Do It, a show which he granted wishes to sick children. Because of his hard work, he was knighted by the Queen but died a few years later in 2011 at the age of 84. A year after his passing, a police investigation called Operation Yewtree revealed that many British celebs all sexually assaulted minors, some as young as five. It was revealed that Savile sexually assaulted over 400 people, both men and women, young and as old as in their 50s.

Other celebs thrown in the slammer because of Operation Yewtree include Gary Glitter of "Rock 'n Roll Part 2" fame and Rolf Harris, best known for his 1960 hit "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport".

As a result of Savile's trysts, the BBC no longer airs any of his shows, especially old episodes of TOTP that he hosted from the 1970s. One episode apparently showed him reaching under an 18-year-old girl's dress while uttering "a lad can get used to all this".

Granted, Auntie Beeb did the right thing and shelved Savile's episodes. However, one network here in the good 'ol U.S. of A. thinks that it's OK to bring back a banned TV classic starring a man who might be sitting in a jail cell this time next year.

It was announced early this week that African American-targeted Bounce, which mostly airs on the subchannels of TV stations such as WOOD-TV 8 here in Grand Rapids is bringing back The Cosby Show on December 19th. The once-popular sitcom, which originally aired from 1984-92 on NBC has been seen very little since 2014 since allegations of Bill Cosby's sexual abuse started to erupt.

Cosby's trial is expected to begin June 5th, several weeks before his 80th birthday.

"You asked, and we heard you loud and clear, Bouncers. We’re bringing #TheCosbyShow back by popular demand! Tune in December 19th. #TVOurWay," the network tweeted.

Already, Bounce airs the Cosby spin-off A Different World, so sadly, Cosby himself is making some bucks.

Since the announcement was made, some, such as film producer Judd Apatow have shown their disapproval. "Presenting a violent rapist to viewers like he is a lovable dad is inappropriate," the "Anchorman" producer tweeted.

Bounce's owners include Martin Luther King III, the son of the Civil Rights pioneer and former Atlanta mayor and Congressman Andrew Young.

To me, it's highly hypocritical that Bounce is allowing a sick asshole like Cosby to be a staple on their network. Allegedly, he raped OVER 57 women and to bring his show back is a humongous slap in the face to all of these poor people. What's even more sad is that there's a SHIT TON of subchannels out there that aren't broadcast locally here in Grand Rapids (one channel I'd like to see here is Buzzr, which shows a lot of old game shows) and yet, WOOD-TV airs this crappy channel that's supposed to give blacks a good name.

The truth is, Cosby used the fact that he was one of the first black comedians accepted by all audiences to get his way. Methinks that he is guilty, especially since he's paid some of his victims hush money. After all, he's been married to Camille for 52 years and has five kids with her.

If I were WOOD-TV, I'd be bouncing Bounce off the air.


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