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11.8.16 Bee-otches of the Day: non-voters

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Last Seen: America
Bee-otched For: voting Republican or not voting at all


Well, today's the big day.

Hopefully by the end of the night, we will know who will be the next president of the United States. It might not be as fun as the Cubs winning the World Series, but I agree, it's time for a lady to run America.

True, standing in line sucks, but once I stick my ballot in the slot to be processed, I feel a little better about myself. I just wished I did so back in 2000.

The story was that the 2000 elections were the first time was eligible to vote. I was at school at the time and didn't have an absentee ballot. I was leaning toward Al Gore, but was turned off by Joe Lieberman being an asskisser to the Republicans. George W. Bush was going to run this country like he did Texas, and I was right. I didn't vote in 2000 and paid the price.

When I graduated, I couldn't find a job. Every place I was interviewed told me that they weren't going to fill the position after all. I was upset. I was back living with my mom and back to my old high school job washing dishes. However, 9/11 happened and my bosses hired a man who was much older than I was (and fewer teeth) and they gave him my hours. My now-ex-stepdad was pissed that I was living under his roof with not much to support myself with. I kept telling him and Mom that I'm working as hard as I can to get a decent job, but they didn't care. They even made me fill out an apartment app even though I didn't have a job to support myself.

I ended up having to find another loser job, this time stocking shelves at a convenience store. I was working 40 hours, but no benefits. Then, my Chaldean boss sold out to an old asshole and his dumbass son from the Detroit area. Immediately, they cut my hours because the sale made them broke and they even handed my weekend hours over to another junkie who lived across the street from the store. Once again, I had to get out. I went back to my list of companies I sent resumes to and lo-and-behold, I called a company that was looking for work. It took me almost one year after I graduated tech school to get this job and I busted my ass not to fuck it all up.

I left that c-store without two weeks' notice. It sucked to be them. I was now working a normal job with benefits and even overtime to help with bills. A year and a half after I started, I got my first raise.

The problem was, it was my only raise from my boss for the next ten years.

Since the economy was bad and people were lucky to have jobs in Grand Rapids, my boss NEVER gave us raises. Instead, he would give us occasional Meijer gift cards. He also fucked up our health insurance when he switched to a Health Savings Account, which meant that it was up to me to put money into my HSA, even though I was getting paid in peanuts.

Fed up, I finally got registered to vote and voted for John Kerry in the 2004 election. Of course, we were stuck with four more years of lies from the Bush crime family and in the end, GM was bankrupt and people lost their homes and jobs. Thankfully, we ended up with a youthful senator from Illinois named Barack Obama who saved GM and reversed many of the bad decisions Bush made. Oh, and he captured Osama!

Since Obama became president, my boss retired and my company has given me five raises in four years. Even more, we're having a hard time finding workers because there's not many people finding jobs right now.

Every time I hear that America is in shambles, I wonder, "HUH?" I'm paying off my bills, I'm socking away money into savings for the first time in years and overall, I'm happy. However, I hear idiots crying that Trump needs to be president. I ask, "WHY?"

You see, Bush 43 took Clinton 42's surplus and gave it back to the wealthy. Trump's tax plan will be even worse than Reagan's trickle down policies that also fucked over the nation in the 80s. Obama will leave the White House with a low unemployment rate and a higher confidence in America. And Trump wants to "Make America Great Again"? Sorry, but Obama already did.

It's time for us to renew the good things Obama did for America. True, Hillary's far from perfect and I'm not happy that Debbie Wasserman Schultz used her to screw over Bernie Sanders, but in all, better her over Trump. I know there's a few folks who voted for Bernie who won't vote for Hillary. Instead, they're voting for Jill Stein since her policies are similar to Bernie's. However, she's a huge investor in companies that pollute the earth such as Exxon, Duke Energy, Conaco Phillips plus others such as JPMorganChase, CitiGroup and even Wells Fargo which came under fire for screwing over their customers. Oh! Let's not forget Goldman Sachs; yep, Stein invests in that.

So tomorrow, get off your ass and vote. Even if you have to work a lot of long hours (like me), it's your duty as Americans to choose your next leader. Remember, you have the same number of votes as the millionaires and billionaires.

One vote, one voice.

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