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12.20.16 Bee-otch of the Day: the electoral college

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Name: The Electoral College
Age: 200
Occupation: what decides our president
Last Seen: America
Bee-otched For: putting America down


With Christmas being only a few days away, it's always sad when something bad happens just before the big day.

Some people will lose their job. Others will lose their home. But for some, it's a beloved family member.

In some cases, it's the family pet.

Sadly, some members of my family are facing that tragedy. On Monday, my aunt announced on Facebook that one of their Golden Retrievers, Andre - named after Andre Agassi since they love tennis - was put to sleep. He had eaten a foreign object and it ruptured his stomach. The vet gave the family two options: pay $20,000 for surgery that would have given him a 50/50 chance of survival or put him to sleep. Obviously, it was the only option they could afford. The family has another Goldie, Henry, who is wondering where his friend disappeared to.

The announcement of Andre's death came around the same time it was announced that Donald Trump had been given the 270 electoral votes needed to become the president-elect. To me, this was very symbolic, since he will replace Barack Obama one month from tonight.

As of tonight, the presidency of Obama is on life support and we can use this next month to reflect on the great things he's done. Under his administration, gas prices went WAY down, unemployment also went to rock bottom lows, the LGBT crowd were now able to marry and millions of people who once didn't have health insurance now had it through the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. When Obama became our president in 2009, he had a lot of toilet paper to wipe the disastrous BM Dubya left us. But, he managed to fix most of it. After all, he captured Osama and ended the abortion of a war Dubya started in Iraq.

But it was the recent presidential election that was the foreign object that was chewed on.

Some thought that the Republicans were the divided party with many of its far-right-winged followers against Trump for his attacks on women, but the Democrats proved that they were the real ones divided since many Bernie Sanders supporters were infuriated over the fact that Debbie Wasserman Schultz ordered the superdelegates to vote for Hillary Clinton. Despite the scandals involving email servers and Benghazi, it looked like Hillary could have won it all.

But that's until you factor in the Electoral College.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million people, but thanks to the old, outdated electoral college, the right wing won and America lost. Now, we're going to be stuck for four years with a man who's going to make the same mistakes Dubya made, maybe even worse. After all, his cabinet is all made up of people who are against the LGBT crowd, the middle class, the environment and women. This will be a tough four years.

Thanks to the way society worked out this year's election, we simply have no choice but to take America out back with a shotgun and tell it, "sorry, old girl, but it's for the best" and end it all. No vet required. What happened on and before Election Day were things beyond our control. All we can do is wait out these four years and hope that the Democrats will wake up.

But when everything Obama worked hard for is reversed, let's hope that it will be time for a good Dem in the White House.

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