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12.8.16 Bee-otch of the Day: Michael Savage

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Name: Michael Weiner
Age: 74
Occupation: right-winged talk kook    
Last Seen: San Francisco, CA
Bee-otched For: ringing Art's Bell


Growing up in the bland radio wasteland known as northern Michigan in the 1990s, there were only two people on radio who weren't total assholes: Paul Harvey and Art Bell.

It was my late grandfather who turned me on to Art. He told me that his conspiracy theory views were very thought provoking and were very informative. True, his show aired in the wee hours of the night, but it was worth staying up all night for.

However, Art has had his problems over the years that kept him away from the microphone. He left the airwaves in 1998 when he told his listeners that his family was in "grave danger". It turned out that his son was raped by an HIV-infected schoolteacher. Thankfully, Art's son turned out HIV-free. Art also was kept off the air because of back problems, lawsuits and most of all, a feud between him and his former syndicator Clear Channel over the fact that when the company bought the show from him, they fired all of his employees.

Now, Art's got another challenge, and its name is Michael Weiner, aka right-winged talk radio kook Michael Savage. Bell is suing the former nutritionist for a broadcast several months ago where he said that you can't talk about UFOs because you'll end up in the Philippines with a 10-year-old prostitute and off the radio for years. The slam was intended for Art's wife, Airyn, who is Filipino. The two met in 2006 shortly after the death of Art's then-wife Ramona at the age of 47 from a severe asthma attack while the two were on an RV trip. Both Art and Airyn met via ham radio and dated thanks to videoconferencing. Eventually, the two married in the Philippines; he was 62, she was 22.

In other words, Airyn Bell was not at all a "10-year-old" prostitute. Since then, she's given birth to their daughter, Asia and is now pregnant with their second child, due in July. Art - who has three other children from previous relationships - will be 72 when his child will be born.

Of course, this is Michael Weiner we're talking about, a man who told a gay caller of his to go die of AIDS and blasted celebrities who helped those with autism. Those outbursts cost him his MSNBC deal and even some affiliates. Hell, he's been personally banned from entering the United Kingdom because of the idiotic comments he's made. Sad, since he was once a respected liberal who wrote books such as "Plant A Tree" and "Man's Useful Plants". Now, he's a jerk-off who tells people to go die of AIDS and insults women just because they're from a country known for prostitution.

Maybe Dr. Savage needs a good anal probe. 


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