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12.22.16 Heroes of the Day: Trey Parker and Matt Stone

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Names: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Ages: 47, 45
Occupations: creators, South Park
Last Seen: Colorado
Awarded For: creating some very important episodes of their show

For 20 years now, we've been watching the adventures of four young boys living in a small mountain town in Colorado.

South Park has been a staple on the Comedy Central schedule since 1997. It debuted as a crude, paper-cut show with episodes dealing with anal probes from aliens and the town being threatened by Barbra Streisand.

In recent years, the show has dealt with more social issues, mainly in serial form. Last season, they dealt with political correctness and South Park itself becoming more progressive. This year, the main topic was cyberbullying.

What happened was there was a mysterious poster on a local internet message board known as "Skankhunt42" who was bullying young girls in South Park. Some lead to believe it was Cartman, but it turned out to be Gerald Broflovski, Kyle's dad. 

Gerald eventually harasses a Danish breast cancer awareness website, run by an Olympic gold medalist who eventually commits suicide because of Gerald's bullying. Meanwhile, his actions cause Cartman's friends to destroy his computer and phone and all the girls at South Park Elementary to break up with their boyfriends. Meanwhile, a group of cybertrolls end up befriending Gerald, who keeps denying that he's Skankhunt42. He ends up being tricked to go to Denmark where they lock him in a room with the other trolls while the Danes create a website called "Troll Trace" to combat cyberbullying. So what does Gerald do? He contacts his other son, Ike via Facetime and tells him to start making postings under Skankhunt42 to prove to the Danes that he's not the poster. However, his wife, Sheila discovers that Ike was Skankhunt and ends up punishing him and Kyle. However, in the end, the internet is erased thanks to it being rigged at the Mars station at Elon Musk's Space X. In the end, Gerald goes home without Sheila knowing that he was Skankhunt and both Kyle and Ike lose faith in him.

To me, Gerald was somebody who had a great career but a lousy marriage to a loudmouth bitch which caused him to get his jollies from somebody else's pain. And that, my friend is a cyberbully.

You see, the same shit happened to me ten years ago. I was friends - or thought to have been friends - with people I've met on an internet message board. However, I posted a picture of a well-known DJ urinating on a rival radio station's vehicle that HE posted on MySpace (remember them?) but it turned out to be Photoshopped. The idiots on the message board THOUGHT that I was the one who made the photo, but it was the DJ. As a result, some of the posters decided to create a common character designed to bully those they saw as "undesirable" and I was in one of their cross hairs. So, to make a long story short, I quit. To make another story more sad, however, one of their victims died of a heart attack at age 46. He was so bullied on the board that he came back, but as a woman.

I know some of those assholes. One was a former DJ here in Grand Rapids whose wife left him because of his failing businesses, another is a DJ at a crappy small town radio station in BFE, OH and another is the afternoon jock at a rock station in northern Michigan that's being sold and is prepping a format change, which might hopefully mean that he'll be out of a job.

But you know, this shit is happening to others as well.

My mother and her now-ex-husband adopted a cockatoo when they married. When they divorced, they decided it would be best to give him to an animal sanctuary that took care of birds. They've taken wonderful care of my mom's bird, but the man who runs the sanctuary has been dealing with severe health issues as of late. The huge reason is because of posters on another message board that have made OUTRAGEOUS claims that he's been abusing his birds (not true) and breaking all sorts of laws. As a matter of fact, because of these peoples' hate, he was forced to move.

You see, people need to think before they post. Sometimes, it becomes more sad when they have to hide under an assumed name just because they're such pussies. The reality here is that the reason why there's cyberbullies is because these people couldn't stand up for themselves growing up, so they use the internet as a weapon.

I totally agree that in the end, cybertrolls will lose. Karma is a bitch and it sucks to be them. I applaud Trey and Matt for making these episodes to prove the reality of what cyberbullying can do.

Cyberbullies don't eat member berries, they eat something else.

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