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3.7.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Matt Hanlon

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Name: Matt Hanlon
Age: 53
Occupation: market manager, Entercom Radio
Last Seen: Charlotte, NC
Bee-otched For: hiring an old friend

It was reported in November that good 'ol Matt Hanlon, the same asshole who fucked over KLQ here in Grand Rapids and us Stern fans became the market manager of a group of radio stations in Charlotte, NC. He now runs heritage talk station WBT, AC station 107.9 The Link and a sports outlet, 610 The Fan.

Well, now, it's been announced that the schmuck, whose radio career ended in GR five years ago when he was busted for drunk driving, is now making the same assholic mistakes he made at Citadel, a company he helped run into the ground. He just hired an old friend of his to run his stations as operations director.

Does the name "Darren Arriens" ring a bell?

Yep! The same mullet-headed prick whose lame programming skills helped make KLQ a has-been in the ratings is helping to run The Link, the home of The Bob and Sheri Show. On the other hand, The Link's old programming director, Darla Thomas is no longer at the station. Maybe she got tired of Hanlon's bullshit?

In a barf-worthy statement, Hanlon said, "We are focused on maximizing our impact across all of our stations, being the best local marketing solutions partner and continuing to deliver the outstanding content that our fans have come to expect from us. The move to establish a director of operations role underscores our commitment to being best-in-class. I am thrilled to welcome Darrin to the Entercom Charlotte family." Arriens stated, "I am thrilled to join Entercom Charlotte during this new and exciting time for local Charlotte radio. I am looking forward to joining the community and being a part of the great work that is happening across our stations."

With Hanlon and Arriens' hiring, I can't help to wonder if Entercom will end up just like Citadel. After all, they're in the process of buying CBS's radio division (just like Citadel did to ABC before getting merged into Cumulus) and Entercom just recently silenced a station in Sacramento that was the epicenter of the infamous "Hold Your Wee For A Wii" contest so they could go ahead with the CBS Radio merger. Right now, Entercom's stock has been sliding; it was down 38 cents to $14.75 a share today. IIRC, when Hanlon ran Citadel's Michigan stations, the stock went from $20 per share down to seven cents prior to the Cumulus merger.

But if there's anything positive about all this, it's the fact that all this is happening in Charlotte and not here. Better there than here.

Maybe he'll get Huge to move down there. Once again, better there than here.

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