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8.3.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Jim Justice

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Name: Jim Justice
Age: 66 
Occupation: governor
Last Seen: West VirginiaBee-otched For: flip-flopping
Sometimes, you just can't trust who you vote for.

Tonight at a Drumpf rally in West Virginia, governor Jim Justice is expected to announce that he's leaving the Democratic party and will become a Republican. This is not the first time in history that Justice has switched parties; he was a Republican until 2015 but became a Democrat when he ran for governor.

So why is Justice making the switch supposedly? Well, look at it this way: he's wealthy. He owns coal mines, farms and lots of real estate. With Drumpf's smearing of environmental laws to create more jobs for the global warming-creating coal industry, it's natural that West Virginia's wealthiest man/governor would go back to the losing team.

Ya know, I hate it when somebody runs for public office and then they flip to the party people fought hard against. Drumpf won West Virginia simply because he campaigned hard there and promised voters that he would bring coal back. With the fact that he's making America a rogue nation by helping to create more pollution and pissing all over the Paris Accord, yeah, it makes perfect sense for Justice to flip parties. Hell, Drumpf himself was a Democrat at one point.

I think there's politicians that flip-flop their parties because they want to hold public office, plain and simple. They don't give a damn about their people, it's all about how they can change the laws for their own good. West Virginia is a VERY poor state and they should have realized that coal is dead and needed to stay dead. What's next? The rebirth of Betamax? How about the reopening of Radio Shack?

What some people will do for a job that only pays $150,000 per year.


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