Monday, August 7, 2017

8.7.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald TrumpAge: 71Occupation: golferLast Seen: New JerseyBee-otched For: 200 days of a whole lotta nothin'
It was 200 days ago that Drumpf took the oath of the Oval Office in front of a 1/2 empty field in front of the US Capitol.

So, what has he done in 200 days? Well, I hear a lot of crickets chirping.

That's right, folks, Drumpf right now is golfing at his New Jersey estate. True, he thinks that there's not a whole lot to worry about now since the economy's still OK and Americans are gainfully employed, but remember, folks that Rome wasn't built in a day, but then again, it burned down in six days in 64 AD.

Let's face it: the dude's a liar, his proposed destruction of Obamacare was a bust and basically put, we're footing the bill for his golf trips. There's that part of me that wishes that term limits on the presidency were not allowed because who knows? Obama could have been the next FDR for all we knew. But thanks to the DNC's asskissing of Hillary over Sanders, we all lost when Drumpf got elected president.

Sadly, Drumpf's only served roughly 16% of his presidency and he's got 84% to go. Can we survive another 1,261 days of this lunatic? The only good news is that 2018 is around the corner and a little over a year from now, the House and Senate might be filled with Democrats again trying to reverse everything Drumpf wants to do. I hope that when the Repukes leave the White House, we'll get a true progressive leader that will get this country back in line with other civilized nations on Earth like Canada and England and not Russia.

If North Korea gets us like the Taliban did on 9/11, it's definitely gonna be Drumpf's fault.

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