Tuesday, July 10, 2018

7.10.18 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 72
Occupation: orange shitgibbon
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: burning America down


Last night, our nation's worst nightmare got worse and worse.

The Orange Shitgibbon announced that Brett Kavanaugh, a former aide to Ken Starr - the attorney who got Clinton impeached - and current circuit judge in Washington, DC is his nominee to replace outgoing Supreme Court judge Anthony Kennedy. Kavanaugh is 53, so he could be on the bench for as many as 40 or so years.

Of course, Kavanaugh is a conservative and with the SC getting more conservative and younger, especially on the conservative side, many fear that the SC will be far to the right for decades to come. Kavanaugh is notoriously pro-life and evangelicals are pressuring him to overturn Roe V. Wade.

Meanwhile at the same time, while the world is relieved that the boy's soccer team has been freed from that cave in Thailand, there's still young children being kept in the "tender age" prisons over the border. A judge did order Drumpf to release those children back to their parents, but it might take a long time to do so.

It's funny how somebody whose own mother was an immigrant and his wife is also an immigrant spits on Hispanic people. Hell, look at Puerto Rico, almost a year after the hurricane.

It's also funny how those King James Bible-reading assclowns will stand up for someone who wants to overthrow one of the most-important woman's rights laws in the nation and yet when troubled kids are born, they enter a life of uncertainty. I've met a lot of people who were born mistakes and didn't have great childhoods as a result. Women should not be ashamed when they get an abortion. It's not human until it leaves the body and science has long proved it.

You know, we can bitch about how Drumpf got to be president and how the Dems screwed over Bernie, but the reality is that the midterms are around the corner and the we need Drumpf to feel the Bern. The Dems have got to listen to the people instead of corporate donors. People need to stop relying on corporate-funded media and listen to their gut. Listen to the past. Tax cuts don't help the economy. Unions do and so does raising the minimum wage.

I can't wait to put out the Drumpfster fire once and for all.


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