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7.12.18 Bee-otch of the Day: the State of Ohio

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Name: The State of Ohio
Age: 215
Occupation: Michigan's armpit
Last Seen: in the midwest
Bee-otched For: setting up stormy


OK, so I put up a picture of the logo of Ohio State. Well, they suck, too.

Anyway, the reason for giving the BOTD to the state of Ohio is because they have some pretty fucked up laws. One of them is that if you're a stripper, you can't touch patrons.

Well, it happened, and to of all people in the world, Stormy Daniels, the porn star who's currently accusing Drumpf of having a sexual tryst with her. Drumpf has denied it, though Daniels passed a lie detector test.

Last night, Daniels was performing at a strip club in Columbus when she groped several women who tipped her at a tip rail. One of the women just happened to be an undercover cop who ended up arresting her. She was later released on $6,000 bail. Daniels' lawyer said that she was set-up and felt that her arrest was politically motivated.

All across America, it seems that it's easier to own a gun shop than a strip club. I've had strippers rub their boobs and butts on my face and body, and guess what? I believe that the minute you walk into a strip joint, anything a stripper does to you is consensual. Yes, I've been hit on by a few dancers who shouldn't be working at a strip club, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to go out and complain to the manager.

The point is, Stormy Daniels' arrest shows that strip clubs need LESS regulation, not more. Yet Repukes and evangelicals alike all believe that they're the problem in society and not the absurd gun laws in America. Strip clubs don't kill people, guns do. Personally, the only times I've been ever offended visiting a strip club is when you can clearly tell when a stripper's pussy stinks like hell, probably from having kids.

And us Grand Rapidians thought that the corpse flower at Meijer Gardens stunk.


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