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1.24.11 Bee-otch of the Day: MSNBC


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Looks like if you have ratings and you're on NBC, you better watch your ass. 

Last year, NBC screwed over Conan O'Brien by yanking him off the 11:35 slot for the return of Jay Leno. In the end, Coco left NBC and ended up on cable's TBS. 

Now, prepare for the revolt of Keith Olbermann. 

On Friday, the host of the network's top-rated Countdown announced that the night's program would be his last. No reason was given for Olbermann's dismissal, although he did have two more years on his contract with the network. 

Many believe that it stemmed from his suspension last year for giving political funds to several Democratic candidates behind his bosses' backs, which is a no-no. However, bear in mind that last week, NBC Universal - which owns 82% of MSNBC with the rest being owned by Microsoft - was given the go-ahead by the FCC to be majority purchased by Comcast, the nation's largest cable operator. 

However, sources say that the Comcast-NBC merger had nothing to do with Olbermann's departure, but who knows? 

A former ESPN anchor, Olbermann had two stints at MSNBC; the first time was in the late 1990's when he hosted The Big Show. However, since the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke out, his show was taken off the air for the prolonged White House in Crisis. He left the network in disgrace, going to Fox Sports Network. However, he returned to the fledgling MSNBC in 2003 to host Countdown

Many felt that it was Olbermann who helped MSNBC finally gain ground after years living in the shadows of Fox News Channel and CNN. Countdown became the network's most-popular show and prompted the network to add more liberal shows such as Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow. 

The demise of Keith's show will definitely leave a hole in MSNBC's schedule. While the network will has Schultz and Maddow's show, the 8 p.m. slot is now occupied by Lawrence O'Donnell's The Last Word.
Ya know, MSNBC has ratings higher than CNN because of Olbermann. They have shown that liberal TV can do well in the sea of right-winged bullshitlery. True, I didn't watch Countdown daily because of my busy, busy schedule, but when I did, Keith didn't fail to entertain.

MSNBC, good luck trying to fill Keith's shoes, because you can't. 


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