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10.12.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Clear Channel

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Name: Clear Channel
Age: 40
Occupation: radio giant
Last Seen: San Antonio, TX
Bee-otched For: not making the holidays brighter

When I was a kid, I wanted to get into radio.

Growing up in northern Michigan, I somewhat idolized the morning man at my local rock station. I wanted to be like him. But after he got canned from that station, plus the local newspaper and even a TV station where he had his own weekly segment for bashing a fast food place on his show, I decided that radio would no longer be an option.

True, there are radio companies that treat their workers somewhat decently, but most seem to be a different story. Clear Channel's no exception to the rule. Because of their botched expansion back in the 1990's, they're now some $20 billion in debt and instead of getting rid of morons like Rush Limbaugh and Ryan Seacreast, they're getting rid of normal jocks.

Every year during the holidays it seems, Clear Channel does some housecleaning and they get rid of jocks and other folks they no longer see as retainable. On Friday, dozens of employees were laid off, including some here in Michigan. No names were released from their Grand Rapids cluster as of yet, but at their Detroit group, Dave Dahmer, who left WGRD 97.9 several months ago for 106.7 The D was one of the casualties. Ironically here in Grand Rapids, he was replaced with Shaffee, who was fired from CC Atlanta rocker Project 9-6-1 which flipped to CHR a few months ago.

Another notable canning was Rich Minaya, who had been the afternoon host at WIOD-AM in Miami. As some of you know, he was Rich Michaels at WMMQ 94.9 in Lansing until the great and almighty Matt Hanlon canned him at around this time a few years ago and left him stuck in a non-compete contract that prevented him from working someplace else in the market.

Also in Detroit, longtime WMXD 92.3 jock Frankie Darcell, Channel 9-5-5 jock Jag and WNIC swing shifter Danielle Car were also shafted.

Yep, I'm happy I'm not in radio. Just another business where one can be replaced within an instant, usually with a cyberjock from out of state. Right now, especially in the case of Dahmer, I think that he's kicking his own ass for leaving a success story like GRD for Cheap Channel while "Stoner" Andy Green is now at WRIF handling APD/MD duties. But, that's life, I guess. But still, I feel bad for anybody who has to work for a piece of shit like Clear Channel, which throws people out like trash. People don't mean a thing for them. I hope the people who worked for that shithole can get their lives back in order.

Clear Channel: where Christmas is a blessing... For them.

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