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12.13.12 Bee-otch of the Day: WYPV

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Name: WYPV
Age: a few months
Occupation: right-winged BS talk station
Last Seen: Onaway, MI
Bee-otched For: being a waste of 50,000 watts

Oh, great. Northern Michigan has another radio station geared towards people with low IQs.
After several months of stunting with Christmas music, WYPV 106.3, licensed to Onaway in western Presque Isle County has officially began normal broadcasts. But, the programming on the 50,000-watt station is anything but normal.
WYPV’s call letters stand for “We’re Your Patriot Voice”. Yes, the station is wackjob neo-conservative talk 24/7.
Syndicated talk on WYPV includes Mike Huckabee and Mark Levin. But for a station whose signal touches sparsely-populated regions of northern Michigan – i.e. Cheboygan, Rogers City, Pellston and probably a fair signal in Petoskey – they actually carry some local talkers. The local talk on WYPV is mostly from the co-owned website
According to Patriot Voice’s website, “We the People” Have a new way to bring this country back to its conservative roots. We have put together programs to educate, gather ideas and support, and hold our politicians accountable.With your help, we can restore this Country from it’s current situation.”
LOL! “We can restore this country from “it’s” current situation”? Like the fact that under President Obama, joblessness has fallen? Plus the fact that healthcare is improving for millions of Americans thrown under the bus of the current insurance industry? Please.
WYPV is co-owned by Brian Sommerfeld, who owns a tax service in Petoskey and hosts a daily show on the station. Another host, Greg Marshall’s show is also heard on low-rated WMKT 1270 in Petoskey.
You know, I think it’s sad knowing that northern Michigan has a ton of talk radio stations, and none of them want to air shows for ordinary, everyday people like Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz or Mike Malloy. Instead, the Traverse City area is infested with TWO Rush Limbaugh affiliates owned by two people who hate each other, the aforementioned WMKT which has no ratings and WJML which sold out its liberal audience by selling off their sister, WWKK 750 to… The other guy in Traverse City that owns that *other* Rush affiliate.
Oh, and that station? It’s been around since the late 80’s and hasn’t made a dime, no matter the format.
OK, so the cons have an excuse: 106.7 You FM had liberal hosts and it bombed. Yeah, because it mixed Stephanie Miller and Leslie Marshall with second-tier crap from Dennis Miller and Jim Bohannon. In order for a progressive talker to win, it must have pure talk talent and not be a mixed bag. WTCM is a success because Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin share a brain. So do Hartmann, Schultz and the like, but it’s with the people, not big, rich businesspeople.
Northern Michigan radio: man, do we suck.


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