Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12.4.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Clear Channel

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Name: Clear Channel
Age: 40
Occupation: radio giant
Last Seen: San Antonio, TX
Bee-otched For: not putting The D in neutral
Right now in Detroit, rock radio is making some big changes.

Dave and Chuck the Freak made a huge announcement a few weeks ago that they've left Modern Rocker 89X (CIMX 88.7 Windsor) and will soon end up on a new frequency "in town". It's unknown if the duo's definition of "in town" means either Windsor or Detroit.

While 89X finds their new morning talent, some are speculating that they'll end up at faltering Clear Channel rocker 106.7 The D (WDTW, which was once upon a time WWWW-W4), whose current morning man, Alan Cox, phones his show in from Cleveland. The station's sole local jocks are afternooner Dave Dahmer (formerly of WGRD here in Grand Rapids) and Tanner, who works nights.

Right now, The D needs a miracle. In their last Arbitron ratings book, the station ranked with a measly 2.5, only good for 19th place. Their main rivals, Greater Media's active rocker WRIF and WCSX had a 4.1 and 4.0 respectively. Since 106.7 dumped W4 Country over a decade ago, the station has had nothing but disastrous results. They've tried rock again a few times and even country as The Fox. Their previous format, rhythmic AC as The Beat did very well, but it took a chunk out of sister CHR Channel 9-5-5's ratings.

Now, nobody knows if 106.7 hired Dave and Chuck the Freak yet. But if they did, it should give them a humongous opportunity to dump the #1 reason why they suck: their lame playlist. Yeah, Detroit does have some white trash - just go down 8 Mile - but that shouldn't be their only listeners. If anything, they should go after WRIF and take some of their numbers. Hell, I should give Detroit credit because both WRIF and 89X are beating both of their CHRs - Channel and CBS's 98.7 AMP - to a pulp in the ratings. Talk about class!

Hey! Maybe CC should get the WWWW calls back to 106.7 and get Howard Stern to do mornings (j/k).

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