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4.12.12 Bee-otch of the Day: George Zimmerman

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Name: George Zimmerman
Age: 28
Occupation: jailbird
Last Seen: Sanford, FL
Bee-otched For: finally proving that he's gonna spend some time in jail


It's official: George Zimmerman is where he belongs: in jail.

The man suspected for the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin just because he wore a hoodie was finally charged for the murder on the second degree, and after days of living in seclusion, is now in jail, awaiting trial.

The former neighborhood watchman shot and killed Martin in his hometown of Sanford, FL and while making the 911 call, he claimed that he was being attacked by the teen, who was only armed with a bag of Skittles and an iced tea. Zimmerman - who is half white and half Peruvian - was using the state law that allows those to kill their attackers as an excuse to kill Martin, who was black. During the 911 call, he referred to him as a "fucking coon".

Authorities refused to arrest Zimmerman, who ended up hiding behind lawyers, claiming that Martin attacked him, giving him wounds on his face. However, after Martin's killing, video cameras showed Zimmerman coming to the police station with nary a scratch on his face. It was clear evidence that Zimmerman was lying. While in seclusion, he even created a website, calling for his innocence.

According to his lawyers, Zimmerman will plead not guilty while on trial. If found guilty, however, he could spend life in prison.

Martin's parents are feeling relieved that this case will go to trial; in a statement through, they thanked their supporters, saying that they feel less alone with millions of people on their side.

One other thing they revealed in their letter was that at nine years old, Trayvon ran into a burning house to save his own father's life. OK, so what gangsta does that? The story about Trayvon Martin reminds me of an old book in a library. Suppose that you're in a library, and you see an old, brown book just sitting there collecting dust. Its pages are yellow and the book itself looks like its over 50 years old. However, you become curious and you take the book out, you read it, and you can't put it down. It instantly becomes your favorite book, so you recommend it to friends.

The same goes for people like Trayvon Martin. He might have looked like a thug, but he wasn't. He was a normal teenager who just happened to be black, that's all. Personally, I think that Zimmerman might of had some issues and it killed him inside. Shame. I hope that justice is served in this situation.

You can't judge a book by its cover.
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