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4.16.12 Bee-otch of the Day: the Grand Rapids media

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Name: the media
Age: ageless
Occupation: entertainers and informers of the public
Last Seen: Grand Rapids and all throughout west Michigan
Bee-otched For: ignoring Matt Hanlon's fall from grace


Yes, even Bob Ross enjoyed painting Hanlon's mugshot; I hope he gets some happy trees in there.

Last week, several media message boards and this very website was abuzz with the rise and fall of the once great Matt Hanlon, the former Midwest Manager and GM of Citadel's radio stations in Grand Rapids. If you've been hiding under a rock, the man responsible for the demise of KLQ and many great jocks like Bill Walters and Rich Michaels was fired from WGRD owner Townsquare Media for being arrested for drunk driving and possible illegal drug possession.

Hanlon was clearly a big media personality here in west Michigan, especially with his involvement with many community organizations, the creation of the New Years' Ball Drop in downtown Grand Rapids and was a regular on his beloved pet "Huge" Bill Simonson's show. True, he had some fans, but overall, he might have been the biggest dick in Grand Rapids broadcasting history.

So, the billion dollar question is, why is the west Michigan media ignoring this story?
Seriously! Type in Hanlon's name in Google and the top result is the kiss-ass POS The Grand Rapids Press ran on him a few years ago. As a matter of fact, the closest thing to Hanlon getting busted and fired on that same page leads to this very Plus, our Blogspot site's been quite active this past week; his Bee-otch of the Day award entry is now the third-most-viewed story on that site ever since I started it in 2009. I'll betcha by the end of the week, that entry will be the most-viewed entry of all time and Hanlon will end up being the Bee-otch of the Year.

So why is the media passing on Hanlon's rise and fall? The good lord only knows. Maybe his tongue was so far up their anuses for so long that it just didn't matter. Even the radio trade sites have been ignorant on Hanlon's dismissal except the fact that he's gone from Townsquare for "reasons unknown".

But, as a free and independent website that takes no money from the local media, this is what you get: the truth. Matt Hanlon is an unlikable pig who fired quality jocks, hired has-beens, lead a company into bankruptcy and is a big junkie. I'm hoping that he's not paying the media to shut up only to make his resume sound good. But, it's too late. If he ends up a DJ in Traverse City, he'll be lucky.

C'mon, media! We need the truth!
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