Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4.17.12 Bee-otch of the Day: the Republican Party

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Name: the Republican Party
Age: 158
Occupation: the right-winged schmucks who are trying to destroy America
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: spitting on the working class again


Ladies and gents, you get what you vote.

Yesterday, the senate voted on a bill called "The Buffett Rule" that would force a 30% minimum tax on millionaires and above. Right now, many of those making more than a million dollars per year are paying less taxes than those making $20,000 per year, give or take.

And yes, the bill was shot down.

Despite 51 yays and 45 nays, the bill needed 60 yays to continue debating. However, the bill might be back on the floor come election time. President Obama denounced the vote, claiming that Republicans once again chose giving the wealthiest Americans the biggest tax breaks ever versus helping to protect the middle class. He also urged Congress to help protect the middle class, but that might end up on deaf ears since they're mostly run by Republicans.

Only one Republican voted with the Democrats, Maine senator Susan Collins. Meanwhile, Arizona's Jon Kyl claimed that raising taxes on the rich would do nothing to lower gas prices or even create jobs.

The Buffett Rule was named after Warren Buffett, the second-richest man in America. The Berkshire Hathaway head (i.e. the owner of GEICO Insurance, Dairy Queen and others) proclaimed that his own secretary pays more in taxes than he does and wanted America to go back to a system where the rich paid more in taxes. Trust me, higher taxes on the wealthy WORKS! Back 50 years ago, the richest people in America paid a 90% tax rate and they didn't complain. Americans had jobs and we were heading in the right direction. Thanks to years of Republicans and their pro-rich stances, unemployment is still high, gas prices are still high and people complain about Obama not doing anything, even though the people who point the finger at him only make things worse by voting for pro-rich GOP assholes.

Like it or not, this is one reason why I'm giving Obama a second term. The GOP will do anything to hold Americans back, and it's not working. We suffered through eight long, grueling years of Bush, and it's time that we moved on. I see good changes, and a lot of it's because of Obama. Yes, he's not perfect, but he did more in one month as president than Bush did in eight.

So, GOP, tell us about how you caught Osama...
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