Thursday, May 16, 2013

5.16.13 Bee-otch of the Day: George W. Bush

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Name: George W. Bush
Age: 67
Occupation: ex-president
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: flying into the wrong spot 

Just when we all thought that the ex-president would be living in seclusion forever.

Yesterday, George W. Bush was not far from world headquarters here in Grand Rapids where he was speaking to a group of teens in an airplane hangar. The teens are all part of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that's a regular high school that teaches everything from English to Math, but mainly focuses on teaching them how to fly.

The school was founded by Dick DeVos, a former gubernatorial candidate for Michigan who was also the son of one of the founders of Amway, billionaire Richard DeVos. Obviously, the two are quite close.

I find it funny that Bush would ever speak at an event at a high school for future pilots, especially since he's responsible for four of the worst air disasters in world history. You know, a little something called "9/11"?

Because of 9/11, he shoved wool over our eyes and forced us into three expensive wars and made himself wanted in several countries for war crimes. Instead of flying to Grand Rapids to talk to teens, he should have flown straight into jail.

Oh, and speaking of Dick DeVos, let's not forget who his brother-in-law is: Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater.

Once again, both the Bushes and DeVoses have proven to the world that the epicenter of evil is right here in Grand Rapids. It's a shame that Bush is still a free man, yet his lunacy killed thousands of people here in America and worldwide. It's sad that there's not a whole lot of outrage from the people of Grand Rapids, yet the media's barely even covering Bush's visit. I know, it's time to move on, but it's tough when we had to live through eight years of lies and corruption.

It's sad when Bush gets to live free, especially here in Grand Rapids.

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