Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5.7.13 Bee-otch of the Day: NRA

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Name: National Rifle Association
Age: 142
Occupation: gun lobbying group
Last Seen: Fairfax, VA
Bee-otched For: still showing signs of life


Only in America.

Or, in the NRA's case, 'Murica.

Every time a school shooting occurs, the NRA gets its wings, and the group has been in full swing in recent weeks, claiming victory when the Senate shot down gun reform and even sponsoring a NASCAR event.

Now, the gun lobbying group has a new president. His name is James Porter. He's 64 and a lawyer from Birmingham, AL. His father was even an NRA president back in 1959.

It's well-known that Porter is a vowed Republican who spends his life bashing Obama on his gun policies and claims that the president is out to destroy the Second Amendment. Yet, he's close pallies with the gun industry and has even used his lawyer prowless to protect gun groups in court.

Meanwhile, the NRA held a huge rally in Houston last weekend where talk radio host Glenn Beck helped lead on the crowd with his anti-Democratic rhetoric that our freedoms are all at stake and that the left is on a mission to destroy gun rights.

During one of his speeches, the hate-filled Mormon even hoisted a gun like Charlton did during his "cold dead hands" speech. Once again, it's conservatives like Beck and others who seem to not care that there's people out there who are plotting gun-raged attacks but some hilljack in 'bama has to have his right to own every assault weaponry known to mankind.

Yep, that's the NRA, trying to maintain the dream that Charlton Heston had that gun owners don't want their guns torn from their cold, dead hands. Now, the man who is going to sit in Heston's old seat is just another hillbilly who will fight to make sure that not only good people get to keep their guns, but the bad people as well.

The NRA: will they ever learn?

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