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5.23.13 Bee-otch of the Day: the people of northern Michigan

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Something tells me that people up north need to get a life.

Recently, somebody started an interactive map called the "Geography of Hate", which tracks hateful Twitter messages from all of America.

The site tracks racial and homophobic slurs, alongside a slur that offends the disabled. Here in Michigan, the most-hateful slurs seem to come from northern Michigan.

For an example, the word "dyke" is said in Twitter accounts based in Big Rapids, Lansing and Flint areas, but the area that shows the most hate is the Indian River area. Overall, the most homophobic Tweets come from the Reed City and Kalkaska areas statewise.

But when it comes to racism, once again it's northern Michigan that takes the cake. The heaviest areas where the n-word is blurted out are Marquette, Gaylord and Traverse City. Other racist terms aren't real present throughout the state.

I'll betcha that a lot of the people up north who say the n-word with pride do so because they live up there to stay away from all the blacks. After all, northern Michigan is about 95% white and some of them are quite stupid. But that's what happens when you live in one of the largest areas without any four-year university.

I remember visiting some relatives who live near Traverse City about five years ago. We were talking about Obama and they were telling me not to vote for him because he's similar to Kwame Kilpatrick. REALLY?! Kwame couldn't even lift Obama's suitcase. Too many people up north look at a black person and think he's a thug. A lot of people up north are ex-Detroiters who blame the city's demise on the blacks taking over the city.

The truth is, the internet is public. You write something on line and it'll stay there forever, like it or not. I hope anybody who writes racial slurs on Twitter will grow up and look at their past one day and think to themselves, "I wrote this?"

You did.

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