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5.20.13 Bee-otch of the Day: a fat bitch

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Name: withheld
Age: c. 58
Occupation: slut
Last Seen: unknown
Bee-otched For: being the ugliest woman I've ever met... or even lived with

Normally, I try to avoid talking about personal matters on this site. After all, I've gotten into trouble for doing so in the past, which is why I'll refer to today's Bee-otch as simply a fat slut.

This past Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the worst day in my life. It was only eight days before my 12th birthday and a day before my father's. I was in my bedroom, watching TV and wondering why my mother was late coming home from work. I was thinking that we were going out to dinner since she was later than usual.

Suddenly, she came home, but her friend was dragged along. Yep, the fat slut in question. She was blonde, six-foot-something and had to weigh at least 350 lbs. She was uglier than ugly. Well, I hid in my room while Mom and her friend were talking to my Dad. It was probably the most adult discussion in the world, so I was stuck in my bedroom, waiting and waiting. Suddenly, my father's voice called out my name, and I walked over to the living room. I sat down with Mom and F.S. staring at me.

"Charlie", my Dad said, "your mother and I love you very much." He continued, "we have filed for divorce."

I asked my mother if she still loved my Dad, and she tearfully said that she did. Then, they told me to grab my things because I was moving in with Mom to the Fat Bitch's house. I tried to think of the good of living there: she had cable and lived in a town instead of out in the country. Her house was an old Victorian two-story home that had an upper flat complete with a tiny kitchen.

Over time, I got used to living there and I did like it. For once, I got used to looking at the Fat Bitch everyday. But, over time, the truth came out. One reason for my family's divorce was because the fat bitch was broke.

You see, my Mother worked with the Fat Bitch at a gas station in town in the late 80's when my Mom lost her job as a secretary when that company moved downstate (thanks, Reagan). My Mother was the type that never saw people as fat or stupid. But in the Fat Bitch's case, she was a constant spender, maxing out every credit card she ever owned and getting constant calls from the credit card companies. My Mom and Dad were married for 17 years and at that time, both were making mistakes that damned their marriage. So, she spent weekends at the Fat Bitch's house, cleaning out the top floor for us to move in. She would come home with some goodies, like outdated cereal I sure as hell wasn't going to touch with a 50-foot pole, but made me eat it anyway.

While living at the Bitch's house, I started seeing her for who she was: a slut, plain and simple. I was 12 years old and she had gay porno mags everywhere. Also, she would blare out shitty music all the time, like the soundtrack to The Bodyguard and Bonnie Raitt. I learned that one reason why she did so was because she was downstairs always blowing losers who couldn't get laid.

It might be one reason why I might have been the only person in the world who was happy when Whitney Houston died.

Over time, my Mom got tired of the environment she forced herself and me into, and thankfully, she bought a house almost two years after the divorce. She happily remarried and moved to Arizona. As for the Fat Bitch, last I heard, she moved to California to become a swinger. She was so fat, it wouldn't surprise me if she's dead. She did have heart problems when I knew her.

I've forgiven my Mom for wanting to divorce my Dad. Shit happens. But I didn't like the fact that she forced me to live with her slut friend during the transitional period. It's people like that Fat Bitch that make me happy that I avoid chubby chicks like the plague.

So, you might be wondering why I posted a picture of Rod Roddy instead of that bitch. Well, she *kinda* looked like him, only fatter. Like the Fat Bitch, Roddy *apparently* was a sexual deviant himself, flying to Taiwan to have sex with dudes. When he died ten years ago, Roddy had no family or survivors. Hell, Bob Barker didn't even appear at his funeral!

However, it's people like the Fat Bitch that makes me a better person. I will never marry or even date a fat skank because I worry about the welfare of my future children. I want them to have a stable mother and father. I don't want my children to go through what I went through. I know. I'm 32 and my dating record sucks. But when she comes, she'll be here. But, she won't look like a goddamned butterball.

So ladies, start working out and wipe the cum from your chin. 

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