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6.11.13 Bee-otch of the Day: bullies

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Name: various
Age: various
Occupation: bullies
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: making peoples' lives a living hell

For many a kid here in America, four words are on their minds:

School's out for Summer.

Yessir, no more books, no more teachers and most of all, no more bullies. Most kids seem to all have a bully, and their job is to make others' lives a living hell.

Last week, the world was shocked when it was announced that Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael overdosed on pills, trying to commit suicide. According to sources, the 15-year-old was frequently teased and made fun of by classmates, possibly because of her father's troubles over the years. She's still hospitalized as I'm typing this, but when she's ejected, they are planning to allow her to live with her biological mother and have her attend another school.

After the news of Paris' attempted suicide was released, Marilyn Manson dedicated his 2000 hit "Disposable Teens" in concert to her. The song itself talked about how pop culture had focused its attention on throwaway pop stars instead of legitimate talent. It's rumored that Jackson is a fan of Manson's.

Also last week, a video was uploaded to YouTube featuring David Dramian, lead singer of rock bands Disturbed and Device talking about the subject of cyberbullying. He told people that the best way to fight it is to simply walk away. Cyberbulliers are mentally weak and they bully because they were probably bullied as kids. So, they think they have found their targets and dwell on them.

Watching David's video simply reassured myself that just because I've been bullied online myself that the world isn't over. Just walk on and avoid the past. There's lots of jerks out there and nobody needs to be harassed. It's also one good reason why I don't name names, it only puts poison on the wounds.

Personally, I wish Paris good luck. She's a wonderful young lady and it's sad that people link her to her father's sordid past. Then again, it was bullying from his own father that helped cause Michael to act like a kid to the day he died; he just had no real childhood.

My advice to any young teen out there is this: school's not forever. you will graduate, go to college and maybe get a good job. People (hopefully) grow up and will look back and think on how stupid they were. Period.

If not, maybe they'll never grow up.

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