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6.12.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Russ' Restaurants

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Name: Russ' Restaurant
Age: 79
Occupation: west Michigan restaurant chain
Last Seen: Holland, MI
Bee-otched For: forcing their employees into the soup kitchen

In all my years living in Grand Rapids, I have never, ever been to a Russ' Restaurant.

And as it is, I never will.

Yesterday, a memo was handed down to non-managerial employees of Russ' that stated that effective immediately, they can no longer work more than 25 hours per week. According to the memo, it is due to the Affordable Healthcare Act, which goes into effect in October.

Russ' management would not go any further as to why they're cutting hours.

According to several business analysts, businesses like Russ' that cut hours due to the new law - often called "Obamacare" - are doing so to avoid paying more for insurance or even paying penalties for not providing it. Several other restaurant chains, namely Papa John's were all under fire for cutting hours citing the new law, crying that it would cost businesses major dollars.

Russ' is based in Holland and is run by Christian Reformists, which explains why they're closed on Sundays. A bigger chain, Chick-fil-A is also run by Jebus freaks and are also closed Sundays, and they've also been under fire for using their faith to attack people, namely gays.

Ya know, I'll betcha that Russ' ain't hurting and it's pathetic that they're spitting on their employees over a new law. I've noticed that businesses run by conservative Christians tend to treat their people horribly and pay them torrid wages. How does Russ' expect their workers when they're only working them 25 hours per week, plus the fact that they're closed Sundays?

Sorry, but when any business is closed Sundays, I tend to avoid them at all costs. There's a ton of restaurants to choose from here in Grand Rapids, and I'll betcha that they a treat their workers much better than Russ'. I feel bad for their employees and hope that they find better jobs soon.

Oh, and I see that Russ' logo is a sin. It's stolen from Big Boy.

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