Thursday, August 8, 2013

8.8.13 Bee-otch of the Day: George W. Bush

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Name: George W. Bush
Age: 67
Occupation: ex-president
Last Seen: Texas
Bee-otched For: still being alive

I have some sad news, people: George W. Bush is still alive.

On Monday, during a routine physical, the 43rd president was discovered to have a blocked artery in his heart. So, physicians performed surgery on him, inserting a stent, which is a metal object that keeps the artery open and blood flowing.

Funny. Dubya has a heart after all.

Of course, his vice president, Dick Cheney has had multiple operations on his heart, and he too, doesn't have one.

When I heard the story of his heart troubles yesterday, it brought me back to Michael Moore's Sicko movie, and the section on the middle-aged couple that was being forced into living in their daughter's basement because her husband had three heart attacks, forcing them into bankruptcy. It's sick that ALL Americans are being forced into paying 43's heart surgery while we can't pay for our own.

I can't believe that we're being forced to pay to keep this asshole alive. After all, the three wars he started have killed thousands of innocent people and he led this nation into near-bankruptcy because gave 1%-ers a shit ton of cash while the middle class, well, isn't even middle class anymore.

The only good news here is that he's out of office. He ain't perfect, but under President Obama, *some* jobs are being created and the wars Dubya started are slowing down, albeit not fast enough.

Here's another item for consideration: the media hasn't talked a lot about the fact that 42, Bill Clinton is looking quite slim these days! He was featured in an article in AARP Magazine about his strict vegan diet and the fact that he's lost 30 pounds. He looks better than what he did when he was president!

Bush on the other hand, should eat a pound of lard everyday.

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