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8.5.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Ronald Brown

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Name: Ronald Brown
Age: 58
Occupation: former puppeteer
Last Seen: Florida
Bee-otched For: being one of the worst hypocrites ever in the history of religious television

In the world of religious media, it seems that 99% of all televangelists are hypocrites. They beg the gullible for big-time bucks and then they break religious principle by living lavish lives.

But even when the preacher lives in a trailer, even he can be the world's biggest hypocrite, even if his show's geared towards children and works with puppets.

Years ago, there was a program called Joy Junction that aired on a bunch of religious networks like TBN and EWTN. One of the segments involved Ronald Brown, a puppeteer who often appeared with his sidekick, "Marty". One of the segments - seen above - had Ron talking to Marty - and yes, I saw the lips moving too - about "dirty pictures". He claimed that in the Bible, it says to "flee from all things evil", even though there's nothing truly evil about looking at naked chicks.

But poor Ron ignored that very verse, and now, he's ending up seeing steel.

Last week, a judge in Florida sentenced the fallen puppeteer to 20 years in jail for keeping things worse than dirty pictures. On an internet chat site, Brown said that he wanted to kidnap a young boy, kill him and eat his body. Homeland Security did an investigation on Brown's property and found stacks of photos of children in pornographic poses. Some of the children were bound and gagged and others were even dead.

Brown owned a business called "Puppets Plus", which supplied puppets to various clients. Not too oddly enough, he lived in a small trailer and was single with no children of his own. He also worked as a youth pastor at a giant megachurch in his hometown of Largo, FL.

According to the chat site Brown participated in, he described killing a little girl and dismembering her body parts, throwing them into a frying pan. He pondered what those parts would taste like. He even talked about strangling children to death and talked about which kids would be perfect targets for his fetishism.

Yes, that's Jebus freak mentality 4 ya. Parents allowed this sicko to tend to their kids and all this time, he fantasized about killing them and having sex with them as well. What a freak. Even worse, his show was seen on TBN, which is currently engulfed in scandal right now as-is with founder Paul and Jan Crouch's grandchildren suing them because of their lavish lifestyle and the fact that they allowed a man to rape one of them.

Just another good reason why I avoid going to church at all. I don't need a man who lives in a trailer loaded with puppets telling me how to go to Heaven, because from the sounds of things, he's looked at a lot of "dirty pictures", and they're not of sexy women at all. I hope this asshole burns in hell for what he did. Anybody who does something so beyond gross is a total loser.

Maybe he'll enjoy getting objects shoved up his ass for once.

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