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3.25.14 Bee-otch of the Day: the idiot who almost let my mother's dog die

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Name: unknown
Age: ??
Occupation: repairman
Last Seen: Phoenix, AZ
Bee-otched For: being ignorant to my mother's precious cargo


The dog that I have pictured above is that of my mother's precious Italian greyhound, Allegro.

Sadly, last week, she was thisclose to death. The reason: somebody's ignorance.

My mom adopted Allegro five years ago. She was used for breeding, but was retired and was given to my mother. Allegro is timid and is somewhat hard to get used to people. But like most greyhounds, she can run quite fast. Our family adopted a full-sized greyhound 25 years ago and we had her until she died seven years later.

In recent years, mom has had some tough times. Her home was broken into, she went through bankruptcy during the 2008 economic breakdown, her home was broken into, she separated from her husband twice and finally got divorced from him last year and some of her pet birds died, including a parakeet that was put down two weeks ago after suffered a stroke.

But last week, tragedy almost struck her... again.

While my mother was at work, she received a text message from the management at the apartment complex she lives in. It read that her "puppy" had escaped and it took a "team effort" to rescue it. So, in need of more info, she texted them again. They told her that the moron who was doing work on her kitchen left the door open and Allegro escaped. The asshole didn't even notice. Allegro started running across the busy highway with cars trying to dodge her. Thankfully, mom's neighbors saw what was going on and attempted to rescue her. Bear in mind that Italian greyhounds can run 40 MPH and like I said, Allegro is quite timid. However, the neighbors were smart enough to lure her back with treats.

But guess who made things worse for Allegro's capture? The asshole who let her out. Dumbass was standing there in front of the door and the neighbors kept telling him that she was afraid of him and he needed to go away. Allegro made her way back inside to safety, although she was quite shaken from the ordeal.

This is why I'm afraid to have a pet in a place like mine. A lot of times, my apartment's maintenance crew won't even clean up after themselves and shit is laying all over the place. They keep the doors open all the time and since I live near a busy road, I don't trust having a pet here, let alone a pet fish. Here, I can only own a cat and they're notorious for disappearing because of morons you can't trust to take care of them.

Anyway, mom is thankful that her beloved Allegro is safe and sound. But she told me that if she ever sees the dumbass who let her out in the first place, she'll kick his ass.

And since I'll be out there next week, I'll be proud to join her. I just hope that I don't end up in Sheriff Arpiao's chain gangs. 

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