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3.5.14 Bee-otch of the Day: United States Postal Service

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Name: United States Postal Service
Age: 42
Occupation: the people who deliver our mail
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: 
delivering for me... almost a week late---

A few weeks ago, I was on a buying streak.

With my tax refund in my bank account, I decided to do some catching up with some items that I so desperately needed. So, I went to the mall, bought some shoes and jeans and on, I bought a new battery for my laptop and Google's new Chromecast device which allows people to transmit what's on their computers or smartphones onto their TV.

Personally, when it comes to packages, I like either UPS or FedEx. If I'm not there, they take my packages to my apartment's office where they hold it for people who aren't physically able to take them. The United States Postal Service, sadly, is a different story.

I made my orders through Amazon a week ago Saturday. They were supposed to be here some time during the week. However, last Wednesday, I got a nice little pink slip in the mail from my mail carrier that I needed to go all the way down to my postal service center to pick my package there. The slip stated that I could pick it up on Thursday. However, that Thursday, I had a doctor's appointment and I spent a huge chunk of that day waiting for my prescription at Meijer (you know, Monday's Bee-otch of the Day). By the time I finally made it to the post office, they were closed. Bastards. So, I headed back there on Friday hoping to get BOTH my Chromecast and battery. I only got the battery.

You see, my mailman didn't leave me a slip for my Chromecast. I didn't even know if it was at my post office. So, I called the USPS's mail re-delivery line, waited 30 minutes, and the guy I spoke to - a Mexican who didn't speak very good English - told me that the package would be re-delivered Saturday. Even worse, come to find out, the mailman came with the Chromecast just after noon on Wednesday. Yeah, like most people are home at that time. Well, Saturday came, and it didn't come. So, I went to the USPS' website and did a redelivery there. Well, on Monday, I finally got a response from the mailman, and that he doesn't deliver to my office and that if I want my packages, I would have to come on down to the post office on Tuesday to pick it up. I did come on Monday just to see if by luck it did come back and it didn't. Thankfully, I finally got the Chromecast today... almost a week after it was originally delivered.

Despite my little war with the USPS, I'm very pleased with the Chromecast. The video quality is superb and it's flat-out cool watching YouTube videos on my TV. If I want, I could even watch Netflix shows or other programs on there. The only downfall is that it screws up the signal of my cable to watch broadcast TV.

However, I think it's sad that because of my mailman doing things different than UPS or FedEx, I got stuck waiting in several lines and waiting just to get a $30 device for my internet and TV. I hope the next time I order something off of Amazon, I'll have the option of going through UPS or FedEx instead. Remember, those companies were created because their founders hated the USPS. True, God bless the USPS for being run by the government, but still, I think it's an abomination having to wait almost a week just because a package won't fit into my tiny cubby hole of a mailbox.

Who knows? Maybe the next time I go through Amazon, I'll get visited by a drone.


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