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3.6.14 Bee-otch of the Day: The Koch Brothers

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Name: Charles and David Koch
Age: 78, 73
Occupation: billionaires
Last Seen: Kansas
Bee-otched For: 
using a sick woman to promote their political views

Like anybody else, I like Warner Bros. cartoons.

We've all seen the Looney Tunes where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck squabble at each other with Daffy yelling "RABBIT SEASON!" while Bugs saying "duck season" back and forth, back and forth. While this is going on, poor Elmer Fudd's eyeballs go left and right and left and right like a tennis ball.

But for us non-fictional people, it's neither wabbit or duck season. It's political season, and it's up to us whether or not we want to grill a donkey or an elephant. It's also that time of year media outlets air tons of political ads with candidates wanting to sway our vote towards them.

One sobering ad that's been airing here in Michigan shows a middle-aged woman named Julie Boonstra crying that Obamacare screwed her over. She has leukemia and claimed that she had a good doctor and a good insurance plan. But now, since Obamacare was passed, she's had to pay more for her healthcare. Her old health plan was revoked and is now paying more for her treatment.

Question is, is she telling the truth?

According to an interview she did with the Detroit News, Obamacare has ACTUALLY saved her money! Her old plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield was over $1,100 per month. Now, it's $571. She's being allowed to keep her doctor also.

Hmmm, I smell something fishy here...

The ads that Ms. Boonstra appears on are all sponsored by the fine folks from Americans for Prosperity, a non-profit group that's funded by mega-billionaires Charles and David Koch. The Kochs have made their money drilling holes in the ground and polluting the environment. Plus, they own some well-known brands, like Brawny paper towels and Georgia Pacific. The Kochs are also huge supporters of the Tea Party and have worked diligently to spread lies about President Obama.

The truth is, the Kochs are using this sick woman to yank Democrat Gary Peters from Congress and replace him with Terri Lynn Land(R), who will use taxes from the middle class to give more to the Kochs. This is a hotly-contested race, and the sad fact is that when people see this old lady cry that Obama's trying to kill her, it's simply not the truth. She's just an old Hollander Republican who uses lies to help her rich buddies (oh, and BTW, her husband's a former chair of the Washtenaw County Replublican Party).

Yep, just politics as usual. What a waste of a Kleenex.   



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