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12.16.14 Bee-otch of the Day: John Balyo

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Name: John Balyo
Age: 36
Occupation: former Christian radio host
Last Seen: in a penitentiary
Bee-otched For: officially going to rot in jail
It's two words that strikes fear in the hearts of all men: jury duty.

For two days last week, I had to do just that. It was the first time I served on a jury and it was a somewhat honorable experience. The case I dealt with had was child abuse. But, there was an absence of media covering the story.

Maybe it's because on the same day my defendant was charged, a bigger case was taken care of.

Federal judge Robert Holmes Bell ruled in District Court that former WCSG morning host John Balyo would be spending the next 40 years in prison for sexually assaulting two underage boys and possessing child pornography. The judge - the father of former pastor and author Rob Bell, who also was controversial in his decision to allow Grand Rapids' strip club ban - called Balyo a wolf in sheep's clothing. Many in law enforcement claimed that Balyo had the power to strike again, but thanks to the Department of Homeland Security's investigation of his pimp, Ronald Mosier, it led to the investigation of Balyo's double life.

It was discovered that Balyo had two sexual experiences with two different boys in two hotel rooms. When Balyo's secret sex life was discovered, it led to the discovery of a storage locker loaded with child porn, bondage kits, clipped obituaries of children, whips, chains, handcuffs and other items all belonging to Balyo.

Balyo worked at WCSG and its now-defunct sister station, Way FM, all owned by Cornerstone University. He also participated in many mission trips and was even going to be a father with a newly-married wife. Now, the unborn child will not have a father, but all of Balyo's finances will be in the hands of his now-ex-wife. He was arrested last summer at a Christian music festival in Gaylord after authorities discovered Balyo's records with Mosier.

You know, I find it funny that for years, many members of the religious right in Grand Rapids and west Michigan tried to get Howard Stern off the airwaves of WKLQ (now Nash 94.5) all because they thought he degraded women. Of course, their wish came true when Howard was demoted to WBBL (then at 1340, now WJRW) and then yanked off the air altogether when parent Citadel ordered all their stations to part ways with the King of All Media. For many of these Jebus freaks, WCSG was their refuge. They even gave the station money to keep them on the air since they are a non-commercial station. But the fact is, a lot of Balyo's paychecks went to feed his uncontrollable desires to rape young boys. When I heard about Balyo's rape charges, part of me did a Nelson Muntz impersonation: "HA HA!" As Trent Reznor once said, "bow down before the one you serve, you're gonna get what you deserve".

It also reminds me of a man in Grand Rapids radio I once trusted who ended up attacking me on a popular message board. He put me on blast for allegedly mocking his now-ex-wife's rape. Yet, he was Facebook friends with Balyo himself. It wouldn't shock me if he was friends with him in real life. Talk about double standards.

You see, John Balyo is a monster, plain and simple. He was a fucked-up asshole who used God to rape small children and I'm damn happy that Judge Bell threw the book at him. By the time he's out of jail, he'll be 76 years old, IF he's still alive. Personally, since he's a fat fuck, I hope he dies in jail and ends up burning in hell.

But if God is forgiving enough to John Balyo, giving him 40 female virgins is punishment enough.

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