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12.3.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Scott Stapp

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Name: Scott Stapp
Age: 41
Occupation: has-been rock star
Last Seen: Miami, FL
Bee-otched For: living in his own prison
Fifteen years ago, Creed was without any doubt the most-popular hard rock band out there.

They sold over 40 million albums and several of their hit singles went top 10, including "Higher", "One Last Breath", "My Sacrifice" and the #1 hit "With Arms Wide Open". The band was pretty much a Christian rock band that wasn't, such as putting profanities in their songs (i.e. "What's This Life For" has the phrase "Goddamn" a few times). For years, they proclaimed that they weren't a Christian band, but rather a spiritual one. Because of that, many critics gave the band mixed reviews, but it didn't matter since they were counting their money.

Ten years after the band's official breakup, the band minus lead singer Scott Stapp has done quite well with new lead singer Myles Kennedy as Alter Bridge. But it's Stapp that's pretty much the has-been.

Since Creed's official disbandment, Stapp has only released two studio albums: 2005's The Great Divide (whose single of the same name was Stapp's biggest hit as a solo singer, reaching #20 on the Billboard rock charts; I remember a jock on Sirius' Octane channel calling it a flaming piece of crap while introducing the song) and 2013's Proof of Life, whose main single "Slow Suicide" died a quick, painful death as soon as it was shipped to radio.

True, Creed did reform for one album, 2009's Full Circle which only sold 360,000 copies, but other than that, Scott Stapp has been acting like a little bitch instead of being a goody-two-shoes Christian. He's been busted for public intoxication, beating his wife and has even contemplated suicide. Now, he's really living in his own prison, which is ironic since Creed's first single was "My Own Prison" in 1997.

Last week, while most of us were celebrating Thanksgiving with our families, Stapp released a video of himself talking about the fact that he's now homeless and that he's due royalties and the IRS even seized his bank accounts. He also proclaimed that he's now staying at a Holiday Inn, which was an upgrade from the truck he was staying in a few weeks ago. He also claimed that he was even taken to the hospital for the fact that he had not eaten in days. Stapp said that he was clean and sober.

But, that's not according to his ex-wife Jaclyn, who claimed that Stapp has relapsed into drug abuse and has even been sending out weird texts claiming that Florida is loaded with weapons and the CIA was running Alcoholics Anonymous. She's even tried to get her ex into a 60-day psychiatric hold for his erratic behavior. Yesterday, Stapp's estranged son, 16-year-old Jagger posted on Twitter that his father has chosen drugs over his family. Meanwhile, on Monday, Stapp told Toronto radio station Kiss 92.5 that he's now asking fans to give him $480,000 to release a solo album on his own terms and that one huge reason for his fall from grace was because of good 'ol Barack Hussein Obama.  

Oh, and that's not a Holiday Inn Stapp is staying at. It's a Holiday Inn Express. In other words, He's at a Holiday Inn, but with a few amenities missing.

You know, it's amazing that this guy's fall from grace is going down faster than that of Lindsay Lohan's or most drugged-up celebs out there. But, that's life. Scott Stapp is just another Jebus freak wannabe who sounds like he's either on drugs, listening to too much Alex Jones or both. Personally, maybe he oughta get out of the music biz and make some real money doing an everyday job. My cousin was in a rock band many years ago and was even signed to a major label, But, the label dropped the band before their first album was released and that was the end. Guess what? My cousin's done everything from yard work to working at a bookstore to working for a temp service. He's even worked for a company that cleans up crime scenes.

You see, Scott Stapp needs to stop. The more he talks, the more stupid he sounds.

Even worse, he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.


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