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12.4.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Bill Cosby

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Name: Bill Cosby
Age: 77
Occupation: therapist
Last Seen: ??
Bee-otched For: allegedly being a pedophile, too
If you've been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks - or even years - let me remind you again that comedic legend Bill Cosby is now being accused by over 20 women for raping them.

Some of the rape charges date back almost 50 years ago. Most of the cases involve women who claimed that Cosby drugged them by making them take a Quaalude and them having them drink wine. The women then wake up and realized that they've been raped.

Of course, Cosby hasn't talked about the charges, especially since in 2006, he settled with one of his accusers out of court for an undisclosed sum of money. But now, another woman is wanting a chunk of Cos' immense fortune, and it's not just because he allegedly raped her, but did so when she was just 15.

Judy Huth, now 55 claims that she and a friend met Cosby in 1974 while he was shooting a movie. He invited the two to his tennis club and then invited them to the Playboy Mansion, where he was a regular. He told the two to pretend to be 19 and when Judy walked out of the bathroom in a bedroom, Cosby was there and molested her by putting his hand down her pants while Cosby forced her to rub his penis with her hand. According to the lawsuit, Huth has suffered traumatic damages that live with her even today.

Meanwhile, attorney Gloria Allred told the media yesterday that Cosby should have $100 million in a fund set up because this case will get nasty. While announcing this, three more women were with Allred, claiming that he raped them. One of the women claimed that she was just 17 when he raped her.

Allred told the press that Cosby has two options: to have a normal trial to see if his accusers are lying or telling the truth or to set aside $100 million in a trust fund for the women accusing him and have a panel of retired judges decide if the accusers are indeed worthy of the money.

So far, Cosby hasn't publicly admitted anything, except that on Twitter yesterday, he gave some simple thank yous to Whoopi Goldberg and singer Jill Scott. Both entertainers are sticking up for the embattled comedian. Even Chris Rock posted that we've lost Robin (Williams), we've lost Joan (Rivers) and we've sorta lost Bill Cosby. Yes, 2014 is a sucky year for comedy, alongside Tracy Morgan's brain damage from his horrific Walmart truck accident last summer and the Latino community losing the legendary Chespirito, aka "El Chavo" last week. What's even more sad is that Cosby's accusations have been around for years, but it took comic Hannibal Burress to attack him in a standup routine recently that was uploaded to YouTube.

Also, despite several networks dumping Cosby, some are still airing his shows. Bounce TV still airs Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and even picked up A Different World recently. Also, Magic Johnson's Aspire network is still airing I Spy and The Bill Cosby Show while Retro TV still has I Spy.

The point is, it's time for Bill to speak up. His popularity is at an all-time low and as somebody who used Fat Albert to teach youngsters to tell the truth, he's just standing there with his lips sealed while his lawyers do all the talking. He can't hide from the truth any further.

It's time for Bill Cosby to hear the words "Hello Friend" while he's dropping the soap.


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